JP Concrete goes to Glastonbury! Well sort of…

As we speak (well, type…) the almighty clean-up at Glastonbury is taking place. Countless helpful individuals are cleaning up the mess left behind by more than 150,000 revellers who doubtless had the time of their lives last weekend.

It’s estimated that it’ll take around 6 weeks of hard graft until the site is ready to be used as a farm again – its original purpose.


Organisation is key

But the organisers are a clever bunch. Months ago, they enlisted the help of JP Concrete to deliver 10 freestanding units to Worthy Farm a couple of weeks before the event kicked off.

There were more than 15,000 bins placed around the site last week that got regularly filled to capacity – and all that waste had to go somewhere! JP Concrete’s precast solutions were used to create the perfect space to hold and separate the waste and recyclables.

This measure not only allowed them to keep a firm control on their waste management, but also create a huge bulk of recyclable material to further support the festival’s renowned green policies.

The festival is famous for wanting to minimise the amount of waste that’s produced during the event and they encourage festival-goers to be responsible about clearing up after themselves.

But ultimately, they know that the issue mainly lies with how well they organise their waste management.


Freestanding solutions for waste

Our range of interlocking concrete blocks, freestanding retaining walls and prestressed concrete panels offer flexible possibilities so that, no matter how much space you have available, you can design a waste management area that’s reliable and easy to work with.


Aggregate bays

It doesn’t stop at waste management. Our concrete products also lend themselves extremely well to creating aggregate storage bays for sand, gravel and other materials.

Most people who’ve experimented with using alternative options for this purpose will attest that concrete is almost always the best solution.

Our products create a firm structure that is flexible and, most importantly, won’t let you down.

So if you have an event coming up, take a leaf out of Michael Eavis’ book! Enlist the help of JP Concrete to supply precast products that can create the perfect storage bays for waste management.