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Precast Concrete Products

If you’re looking for an affordable, durable, safe and versatile way of designing and creating a building project then our precast concrete products are here to help!

Concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world and by using JP Concrete precast products, you will be saving on construction time and on-site labour costs.

There are a vast range of concrete products available which can be used for a variety of purposes and come in a range of finishes. Each product is robust and durable so you can be sure they will last over time. Let’s have a look at some of the precast concrete products JP Concrete can supply.


Precast Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a popular choice for building projects and they are available in a number of different styles. If you have an existing concrete slab which you need to attach to a retaining wall, you can use a bolt-down wall which would be ideal for this type of project.

You may have just installed a new concrete floor slab, in which case it is best to opt for the cast-in retaining wall. For the more robust retaining walls, you can choose the heavy-duty style which will cope with excessive loads very well.

If you need to create storage areas with dividing walls, you can use freestanding retaining walls which will immediately give you the division you need.


Concrete Panels

Precast concrete panels can be used in industrial and commercial buildings, as well as warehouse units and livestock buildings. Builders, architects and concrete contractors often choose precast concrete panels because they are quick to erect, weather-resistant, easy to install and very cost effective.

The panels are made with tongue and groove fittings on the top meaning that construction is quick and easy and gives a smooth finish.


Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers are a great way to create temporary roadblocks, preventing traffic from accessing driveways or access points. You can also use concrete barriers to separate bulk materials such as coal and salt from each other.

Precast concrete barriers are the most cost-effective and easy-to-install option for creating any kind of barricade. Concrete barriers are usually required as a temporary measure so you can also hire out concrete barriers on a short term basis.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Using lego blocks is the most straightforward way of building custom partition walls. They can be used for storage bays, traffic calming, flood defence and erosion.

You simply purchase the amount of blocks required for your building project and the blocks come in a number of sizes. You can also have them custom made to a particular specification for your project.


Concrete Channels

If you need to create waste or water channels then precast concrete channels are perfect for the job. Installing concrete channels means that, should an area flood, then the excess water/waste can be redirected through a channel quickly and easily.

Concrete channels are designed to be easy to install, using a spigot and socket joint which is then sealed.


Concrete Ballast Blocks

Ballast blocks are an ideal way of supporting fencing or scaffolding, provided greater stability and safety. Although you can purchase ballast blocks with fixed dimensions, you can also have them custom built to suit your project in terms of size and scale.

If you only need to use ballast blocks on a short-term basis then you can also hire these out for a set period of time, making ballast blocks a flexible and versatile solution.


Bespoke Concrete Products

There are a range of precast concrete products available but sometimes you will have a custom project which requires a more specialist approach.

We can design and manufacture custom-made concrete products which suit your requirements and budget. Just call us to run through the possibilities.


Cantilever Retaining Wall Products

A great alternative to the L-shape retaining wall and horizontal concrete panel is the vertical cantilever concrete panel. Most commonly used in storage bunkers and above/below ground tanks, these panels can be custom made to withstand significant loads from either one or two sides.

We can help to guide you on how to choose the right concrete product. Get in touch today and tell us more about your building project so that we can guide you to the best products for the job.




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