Construction of Aggregate Storage Bays

The team at JP Concrete are industry leaders when it comes to offering solid, reliable and structurally hard-wearing precast retaining walls for an array of projects. One of the more regular requests is for aggregate storage bay projects, these are found in a range of environments including quarries.

A punishing blend of adverse weather conditions, knocks from moving vehicles and some extremely heavy loads, mean the storage bays need to be up to the task. Quarry stores that are constructed from precast concrete products are far more likely to stand the test of time.


Types of precast concrete retaining walls

JP Concrete supplies a wide range of versatile L-shaped retaining walls. The bolt-down walls are quick to install and offer an extremely stable finished structure. These can be bolted to an existing concrete foundation slab and require no extra fixings, so if you’ve got no framework in place, they’re an ideal option.

Alternatively, precast concrete walls can be cast into a concrete floor on site. These are manufactured with reinforcement bar extending out of the toe of the unit, which is then tied into the floor slab. The result means there is no toe protruding above ground; so machinery and buckets don’t get caught on it. This type of wall is ideal for storage bays where a smooth floor finish makes moving aggregates around much simpler.

For excessive loads and additional surcharges, heavy duty walls can be manufactured to specific requirements. So when a project requires something of a higher spec, heavy duty L-shaped walls are a popular choice.


Freestanding Retaining Wall

When temporary stores need to be constructed or a flexible dividing wall is called for, JP Concrete tends to recommend the use of their freestanding walls. These are manufactured with recesses to the base so that they can be easily manoeuvred by forklift.


Concrete Panels

JP Concrete’s concrete panels offer a quick and very economical solution when creating storage bays. The panels require a steel framework, which the pre-stressed concrete panels are then fixed to. Each panel is manufactured with tongue and groove fittings so that they can be connected quickly and easily. The panels come in lengths up to 6500mm and in the most extreme cases can go up to heights of 9000mm. The team is happy to take on bespoke orders and can manufacture panels to your required length.


Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Custom bays are tricky to get right without the appropriate materials to hand. JP Concrete’s Lego blocks are a popular option when quarry structures need to be built brick-by-brick. The standard sizes are ideal for most projects but the team can also manufacture blocks to specific dimensions. One of the main benefits of using concrete Lego blocks is that they’re extremely easy to move around using the lifting anchors that are cast into the top of each block. Sometimes moving large precast walls into place on a quarry site can be tricky, and Lego blocks provide a more lightweight (but still durable) option.


Fabric Covered Bays

If a roof or covering is required, then JP Concrete work in conjunction with Toro Shelters to offer a high-tensioned fabric covering. These are suitable on small or large projects and offer a very economical way of a keeping things undercover.

Quarries can operate for many decades and will be exposed to some pretty tough conditions; that’s why precast concrete products are becoming a more and more popular choice.