Spiral staircases install

We now supply and install bespoke spiral staircases as well as our standard precast stairs and landings. We work closely with designers and engineers to supply precast concrete spiral staircases that are unrivalled in both design and quality. Our team can take design concepts and create CAD and construction drawings in order to provide a… Read more »

Lego block bays

We have a range of lego blocks available in a number designs and sizes, so you should have no trouble finding the right lego block for your project. Whether you are looking to create storage bays, partition walls, or retaining walls, lego blocks are designed to interlock, giving a neat, clean finish. Storage Bays/Partition Walls… Read more »

Slurry store

We can help with the movement and storage of slurry with our precast concrete slurry channels and stores.   Our precast concrete slurry channels are specifically designed to aid the flow of slurry and efficiently move material to and from storage tanks. The slurry channels are moulded smoothly to allow slurry to flow freely through… Read more »

Storage Bays

Whether you are looking for a waste management solution or a temporary storage facility, we have a number of precast products available. Creating a storage bay that is versatile is important in order to ensure you get maximum use and capacity out of your design. Storage bays can be used for storing bulk materials such… Read more »

Updates to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) With the Government reinstating higher rates for the RHI scheme recently, AD plant operators will now be able to claim a restored tariff of 5.6p per kWh of renewable heat generated for Tier 1 biomethane (the first 40,000 MWh injected into the grid per year). Once a plant… Read more »

Retaining walls

Precast concrete retaining walls are one of our most popular products and can be used to create a variety of structures. We’ve listed our range of precast retaining walls below. If you need more information on any of our products simply visit our website, or give us a call! Bolt Down Retaining Walls   •… Read more »

Many of our precast products can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need precast concrete barriers, retaining walls, ballast blocks, stairs or ground beams we can work with you to design the perfect product. We welcome all requests for bespoke products, so get in touch if you need a bespoke item and… Read more »