Why Use Precast Concrete Cladding Panels

Sourcing the right concrete products for your building project can be a challenge. You need to ensure that the products are fit for purpose, affordable and, above all, provide a long-lasting and secure solution for your building project. When choosing the right concrete products, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you buy precast concrete products or should you invest in a more bespoke solution?

Here at JP Concrete, we provide a range of precast concrete products and these are hugely popular with our customers. However, there are times when customers need more specific products tailored to a specialist project, so we also supply a range of quality, bespoke concrete products. We can design and manufacture products to any specifications or size, giving you the ultimate flexibility and choice.

If you’re not entirely sure what you are looking for, our team can offer advice and help. We will help you to work out exactly which bespoke concrete products you need for your building project and we can make suitable recommendations, as well as advising you on how much it is likely to cost.

We can also offer help with structural design and how to design reinforcement schedules. Our team members are qualified and experienced and will be happy to discuss your building project with you and make unbiased recommendations for bespoke concrete products.

In addition to these unique concrete products, we also offer a wide range of precast concrete solutions. Our prestressed concrete wall panels in particular are extremely popular with our customers.


Why use precast concrete cladding panels?

Many agricultural buildings and industrial units require cladding which needs to be extremely robust and provide the ultimate security.

Precast concrete cladding panels are a great way of achieving this and here at JP Concrete we have a wide range of panels for you to choose from.


What are the benefits of using precast concrete cladding panels?

There are many benefits of using precast concrete cladding products. Not only are they are a cost-effective solution for any building project, they are also strong and unbeatably durable.

Precast concrete cladding holds up well against even extreme weather conditions and requires very little maintenance. If you’re looking to control light or sound, or create resistance against strong wind force, cladding is a reliable and cost-efficient way of achieving this. It offers the ultimate thermal protection and control over radiation of heat, as well as keeping water out and preventing air leakage.


How easy is it to install concrete cladding panels?

Another great benefit of using precast cladding products is the ease of precast wall installation. Your building schedule is likely to be restricted and you will only have on-site labour for a certain period of time.

By using our precast concrete cladding panels you will simplify your construction schedule and could potentially reduce your on-site labour costs. Also, installing precast cladding panels can be completed without having to use external scaffolding, so you can be sure it won’t disrupt your building schedule.

Our concrete cladding products can be easily and quickly attached to any building, whether it be to the interior or the exterior.

Our precast concrete cladding panels are 100mm thick and can be used either as a temporary solution, or as a more permanent fixture. It is very straightforward to install our precast concrete cladding panels; they come with a tongue and groove fitting, which allows for easy joint alignment.

You can also clip the non-load-bearing panels either directly to the steels or alternatively, to the inside of the steel web. This means that our precast concrete cladding panels are suitable for use in existing buildings and structures, as well as providing a convenient solution to new buildings, too.


Advice from the precast experts

Here at JP Concrete we believe in providing a range of quality precast and bespoke concrete products. As building projects vary in size and specification, we work hard to provide the perfect solution for every situation.

If you would like to discuss your building project, or to find out which concrete product would suit your requirements, please feel very welcome to get in touch.