Why install concrete cladding to your building?

Many of our customers ask us for advice on precast concrete cladding installation. Precast concrete cladding is by far the most reliable choice, mainly because of the flexibility it provides and the affordability of its straightforward installation.

Concrete cladding can be used on a wide range of buildings, such as commercial office buildings, shopping centres and sports stadiums. Erecting precast concrete cladding units is not only a cost-effective and straightforward option, it also offers durable and reliable protection against water and heat.

Our team members at JP Concrete are skilled and experienced in everything to do with concrete cladding, so we can answer any questions you have. Because it is such a flexible and affordable option and can be used for a variety of purposes, we have advised many customers on erecting precast concrete cladding units for a wide variety of building projects.

We are often asked questions on how to install the concrete panels, what the advantages are of using precast concrete cladding and how precast concrete panels can be installed and removed if needed, so we have put together this handy Q&A blog post which we hope you will find useful.


What are concrete cladding panels used for?

Our precast concrete panels are ideal for use in industrial and agricultural buildings as an effective cladding solution, as well as many other types of buildings. Concrete cladding is often installed on the exterior or interior of a building to protect it from environmental conditions as well as to improve the aesthetics of the building.


What are the advantages of installing concrete cladding?

The four main advantages of erecting precast concrete cladding units are: durability, cost, speed of installation and quality.

1. Durability

Erecting precast concrete cladding units can provide complete thermal protection for a building and acts as an effective air and vapour barrier. Concrete cladding also creates a durable rain screen so you can be sure that your building will be protected against water damage in the long term. In addition to keeping water out, concrete cladding installation can also control the radiation and conduction of heat as well as sound. It can resist strong wind forces, protect against moisture expansions and structural movements.


2. Cost
There are many cost benefits to installing precast concrete cladding panels. Not only are the panels inexpensive to buy, they are also long-lasting so you can be sure you’re getting value for money.


3. Speed of installation

Installation of precast concrete cladding is so straightforward and can be performed without the need for expensive external scaffolding. See below for concrete cladding constructions details.


4. Quality

Our concrete panels are manufactured under strict factory conditions and our concrete mixes always produce a high-quality finish. So you know you’re only ever going to get the best.


Concrete cladding construction details

We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of precast concrete cladding panels based on our customers’ individual specifications and requirements.

Our non-load-bearing panels are quick and easy to install and each comes with a tongue and groove fitting for easy, tight joint alignment. The panels are 100mm thick and offer superior protection against all weather conditions and can be easily clipped to the face of the building’s steels or alternatively fitted inside the web of the steel.


Can the concrete cladding panels be removed?

As well as being a long-lasting, robust option, some of our customers choose to install concrete cladding as a temporary solution because the panels can be easily removed if they’re no longer needed, making concrete cladding the ideal choice for temporary buildings as well as permanent, fixed structures which need a temporary solution.

If you are a farm owner interested in installing concrete cladding to your agricultural building, or a landowner of an industrial site, please contact our helpful and friendly team. Not only can we provide advice and assistance on your building project, we also offer a full design and installation service if you’re not keen on the idea of organising this yourself.

So call us today on 0115 895 0441 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Or visit our website for more information about our precast concrete cladding installation and products.