Precast Retaining Walls For Waste Transfer Stations

Precast Retaining Walls For Waste Transfer Stations


Building or refurbishing a waste transfer or recycling station: how can precast concrete help?

If you need to build a storage area for waste and recycling to be held, you’re probably looking into the various options available to you.

By far the best solution is to build specific areas so that the waste and recycling can be held safely until the time comes to move it on. And when it comes to building the walls, many would agree that precast concrete products are the best way to create a hard-wearing and reliable structure.

Recycling yards such as these can take quite a bit of punishing from heavy machinery, so you need something that’s built to last.


L-shaped retaining walls

Many of our customers opt for our L-shaped precast walls. These can be cast directly into the concrete floor slab, creating a smooth finish with no protruding toe. Or, if you have an existing concrete base on which you want to build the station, these panels can be bolted down securely. Using a combination of panels and 90-degree corner units, we can create a bespoke area that’s the right size for your project, however big it is.


Prestressed Concrete Panels

Combine these precast wall panels with steel frames to create exactly the area you require. It’s a cost-effective approach that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time, and we can supply panels that suit your project perfectly. These panels can be stacked on top of each other to achieve significant heights with complete safety.

If you’re not using steel frames, our vertical cantilever panels can be embedded directly into concrete foundations. Dig out a foundation trench and insert steel cradles for the panels to sit within. Pouring in concrete then results in a neat and tidy floor to wall join.


Freestanding Retaining Walls

For projects where versatility is a must, our temporary diving walls are a great option. They stand freely, relying on their weight for stability (although they can be bolted down if required) so you don’t have to put in any foundation work.


Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Lego blocks are fantastic if you have really specific requirements. Piecing them together can create a sturdy and reliable structure for your waste transfer stations and recycling centres, however, you want it to be structured.

So if you’re looking into building waste transfer or recycling stations and want to make sure it’s totally reliable and hard-wearing, talk to us about using our range of prestressed and precast concrete products.  We’re happy to give advice and talk you through the options; it’s all part of the service!