Versatility of Precast Concrete Barriers

Perhaps one of our most popular products, precast concrete barriers are flying off the shelves (well, they’re being forklifted but that doesn’t have the same ring).

We supply concrete barriers in four different lengths: 1500mm, 2000mm 2500mm jersey barriers and 3000mm. They can be done up in company colours or printed with branding. The versatility of precast concrete barriers makes them ideal for countless jobs.

What’s more, we can supply concrete barrier with fence panels that attach to the top, creating the height you need to protect your site, land or property. And we can deliver them on a craned vehicle to offload and place them for you.


So, who have we been helping?

We work closely with companies such as SitexOrbis to help them protect land and properties on behalf of their customers. They have seen a rise in vacant buildings recently due to the poor economic climate: office blocks are being vacated in favour of smaller buildings or hot-desking set-ups.

When these buildings are left empty, even for short periods of time, they’re vulnerable to unwanted visitors. By calling in JP Concrete’s high quality precast concrete barriers, SitexOrbis can continue to provide exceptional levels of protection to their clients at a budget that’s cost-effective.


Battersea Power Station

A familiar sight on London’s skyline, Battersea Power Station is undergoing massive development at the moment. The transformation is a huge undertaking and security is something that has to be taken extremely seriously.

JP Concrete has supplied concrete barriers along with fence panels so that the site managers can be sure that there’ll be no unwelcome visitors during development.


Glastonbury Festival

Large-scale festivals such as Glastonbury also depend on precast concrete barriers to keep crowds under control and protect areas of land that need to remain un-churned. Several hundred thousand pairs of welly boots can wreak havoc on farmland!


Concrete barriers for hire

Because of the nature of security and crowd control, we took the decision to make our barriers available for hire. They’re available across the UK and can be delivered to your site with as much assistance as you require.

We use Moffett or HIAB vehicles to deliver the barriers so that, if necessary, we can offload them and put them in place on your behalf. And when you no longer need them, you can call us up and we’ll come and whisk them away. You don’t even need to be present providing site access is straightforward.

Hire contracts are flexible, starting at one week. If your project’s timescale is indefinite, you can hire the barriers for up to a year.


Get in touch

We’re here to help your project run smoothly, so if you need concrete barriers on a temporary or permanent basis, just give us a shout. We’d be happy to discuss the versatility of precast concrete barriers and talk through the options, to help you find a solution that suits your project.

Call us on 01273 646 450, get in touch via Twitter or Facebook or use our website form to send your query.