Using Concrete Panels For Grain Storage

If you manage a busy farm then you will be familiar with the importance of storing grain properly and the repercussions if it is not properly looked after in the right environment.

There are many ways of storing grain but, here at JP Concrete, we generally recommend that you use a purpose-built grain store to protect your grain and ensure it lasts for many months.

In addition to the complexities of ensuring your grain is kept in the right conditions, agricultural buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Farmers will need to ensure that there is sufficient capacity on site to be able to invest in (and build suitable infrastructure for) their grain storage.

This is why we offer such a wide and varied range of concrete panels for grain storage. Every farm and farm owner has different requirements so we offer a flexible range of products that are fit for every purpose.


Why is it important to invest in proper grain storage?

Grain storage on a farm, whether it be for seed or livestock feed, can be a lucrative form of income generation for farmers. In order to maximise the value of the grain, it is vital that farmers store their grain in the right conditions and in the right environment. By protecting the grain and maximising its value, they are also protecting and promoting their income, too.


What are the three main risks to grain?


Firstly, grain storage needs to keep the grain as dry as possible. If you allow the moisture content to be too high, you will struggle with keeping the grain in optimum condition, even if you were to invest in the very best aeration equipment and constantly monitor the grain.

There are varying recommendations in terms of the best moisture content and these recommendations are based on the time of year you intend to store the grain, or for the length of time you intend to store it for.

We would always recommend that you look into these recommendations before you invest in the necessary grain storage. At JP Concrete, we work with many farm owners who need to keep their grain dry.

We always recommend that they invest in a purpose-built grain store by using long, prestressed concrete panels as a robust and versatile option. These walls can be built up to six metres tall and, assuming that they are properly sealed, they can provide a reliably watertight solution.



If you make the effort to keep your grain at cooler temperatures, it will benefit significantly. The moisture is reduced, insect breeding is lessened and seed germination is maintained for much longer.

Our concrete products for grain storage, whether it be prestressed concrete panels, L-shape retaining walls, freestanding retaining walls or concrete Lego blocks, are designed to keep your grain in the right conditions and environment.

We would also recommend that you invest in a good quality aeration system which will cool and stabilise the internal temperature



As a farm owner, you’ll want to avoid insect contamination in your grain storage at all costs. Even the most minor infestations can seriously reduce grain germination and have huge impacts on your finances.

This is why getting your grain storage right is absolutely crucial. Our concrete products for grain storage have been designed and manufactured with security and protection in mind.

Our concrete dividing walls can be built to create individual sections, whether it is for a temporary fix or a more permanent solution.

For the more temporary solutions, many of our customers prefer grain walling using freestanding units as this gives them the flexibility to adapt the bays as required over time.


Using concrete panels for grain storage

To keep your grain dry, at a suitably cool temperature and free from insect infestations, the team at JP Concrete can help you to choose the right concrete panels for you.

Our team members are skilled, professional and friendly and have helped many busy farm owners choose the right grain storage options for their farm.

To discuss your grain storage or to find out more about our concrete panels, please contact a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.