Using concrete bund walls in construction

Bund walls can be a critical component in a construction project. The purpose of a bund wall is to provide a retaining wall around certain storage areas for substances which could potentially pollute the environment. The main job of a concrete bund wall is to stop any of this material from escaping – a pretty important role.

For this reason and so many more, it’s crucial to use the right materials when constructing a bund wall.


Precast concrete bund walls

Here in the UK, it’s becoming more and more popular to opt for a precast concrete bund wall, because of its total versatility and reliability. The main reasons people choose precast concrete for their bund wall project are:



Because of its factory production and the relatively low cost materials, precast concrete is almost always the most economical choice for a building project. But the savings don’t stop after manufacture: precast concrete has been proven to stand the test of time, meaning costly repairs over the years are unlikely.



Using precast concrete can shave a huge amount of time off your project’s overall timeline. How? Using precast means that work can carry on at the site while the bund wall is being manufactured elsewhere. The precast concrete bund walling can be delivered to site, ready to go. No waiting.



Precast concrete is extremely durable and, built correctly, completely watertight. If you use precast concrete to build a bund wall, you can rest assured that your structure is built to last and designed to deliver the reliability that your project needs.



Modern, forward-thinking building companies are always thinking about the sustainability of the products they are using. That’s why so many of them have turned to precast concrete.

The production of precast concrete generates less water than it uses, manufacture of structures with precast concrete generates less waste, and a significant percentage of the aggregates used in precast manufacture are from secondary sources or completely recycled.



Because of its total stability, precast concrete doesn’t need any chemical treatment to help it do its job. This means that it’ll never leech out unhealthy emissions into its surrounding environment.

Building your precast concrete bund wall

So you can quickly see that precast concrete is the only way to go when creating concrete bunding. At JP Concrete, we supply several products that are perfect for this task.

Our prestressed concrete panels are probably the most popular option, as they can be used together with a steel frame to build a robust structure. You can also opt for our vertical cantilever panels, which can be used without steel framework: instead, they are embedded into a foundation of concrete and tied down to the floor slab.

Although not using steel frames is sometimes preferable, this latter route does require a little more in the way of groundwork.

Finally, our L-shaped retaining walls make a good option for your bund wall project. We usually recommend the use of our cast-in units here, as their reinforcement is protected and their joints are less visible, making them even more watertight.

Our L-shaped retaining walls are designed to retain on both sides, so you can add backloading on the outside for extra protection.


Delivery of your precast concrete bund walls

At JP Concrete, we can take care of all the ins and outs of your delivery, wherever you happen to be. We can deliver them on an appropriate vehicle to help you offload them into place on site.

Alternatively, if you’re pushed for time, we can take care of the whole project on your behalf. We offer a complete design service, using qualified structural engineers who are experts when it comes to working with precast concrete products. Our full installation service is run by a specialist team of contractors who can plan, deliver and install your products from start to finish.

Just give us a call on 0115 895 8525 to talk through your project and we’ll gladly offer you advice, with no obligation to buy. The whole team at JP Concrete knows exactly which products suit which projects, so tap into our knowledge and get in touch today.