Toro Shelters – Building A Strong Partnership

Here at JP Concrete, we’ve been working alongside a valued partner recently: Toro Shelters.

They sell high quality tensioned fabric structures to the industrial and agricultural sectors.

These shelters are quick and easy to install, offering a far more cost-effective and speedy solution that’s still extremely robust and reliable.

They boast a busy schedule, working on boat shelters, aviation hangars, shipping container shelters and plenty more besides.


Salt barns

They were recently approached to work on a project building a salt barn for one of their customers.

The project required precast concrete walls to ensure a sturdy, long-lasting structure. So they came to us for assistance.

Toro Shelters chose our cast-in retaining wall units to complete the infrastructure.

It was the sensible decision given that these walls have no steel fixings; these can be easily corroded if they come into contact with salt.

They also wanted an option that formed their own structure individually from the cover.



Tom Hallam-Eames is director and CEO of Toro Shelters. He said: “Toro works closely with its clients to determine their needs. We use concrete blocks, pre-stressed panels and cast-in retaining walls. In this case, we chose cast-in retaining walls because the client wanted the push walls to be independent of the covering structure.”

Toro Shelters has enjoyed working alongside JP Concrete, as Mr Hallam-Eames commented: “We expect and receive first rate service from JP Concrete. Working with them is like having your own concrete fabrication operation within your company, without the hassle. They understand what we do, they always work with us to find the great solutions for us and our clients, they give us good prices, so we don’t have to waste time haggling. Above all, it’s enjoyable dealing with them”.


Our precast concrete retaining wall options

JP Concrete’s precast retaining walls come in four main options:

  • Bolt down– Ideal for fixing into existing concrete slabs and they require no additional support or fixings.
  • Cast in – Perfect for incorporating into new concrete floor slabs, these L-shaped walls are created with a strong reinforcing bar at the base which can be cast into a slab on site so there’s no protruding toe.
  • Heavy duty – Designed to cope with more considerable loads, though the above options will usually suffice for most projects. These walls have been designed so that they can reach 4000mm in height to deal with additional surcharges. It is a much more economical option than casting an entire new wall on site.
  • Freestanding – A very versatile way to create dividing walls for storage areas. These separators are adaptable and therefore ideal for grain stores, slurry stores and recycling centres to name a few. They’re even manufactured with forklifting recesses so they can be moved around with ease and put in place without the need for foundation work.

If you have a project that requires precast retaining concrete walls, JP Concrete can not only provide the products, but the advice and assistance that helps you to see your project through to the end.

And we are confident you’ll be as happy as the team at Toro Shelters!