Top tips for crop storage

Crop storage tends to be at the top of most farmers’ priority lists. You can grow the very best crops and in prolific quantities but without sufficient storage facilities, your crop will be limited. Investing in agricultural grain walling is a fantastic way to successfully store and protect your harvest, year on year.

Storing your grain in the right conditions can significantly increase its lifespan, making it extremely profitable over a period of time. If your grain is not properly cared for, this can spell bad news for your business.

Looking after your grain means investing in the right infrastructure but it can be difficult to know where to start. Read on to find out how to get it right.


How should grain be stored?

A grain store should be kept in a crop-friendly environment. The store should be dry and kept at a low, regulated temperature and there should be plenty of air circulation.

Creating the perfect agricultural grain store needs the right walling panels and here at JP Concrete, we have a wide range of concrete products for you to choose from. However, for grain walling, we usually recommend that you opt for our easy-to-install, cost-effective and durable prestressed concrete panels.


Why use prestressed concrete panels for grain storage?

Without a doubt, using prestressed concrete panels is the best option for agricultural grain store walling. The panels are not only reliable, they also offer fantastic versatility because they are available in a range of sizes to suit a huge range of projects.

Our prestressed concrete panels can be manufactured in sizes up to 6m tall, and in some cases we can build them to an even larger size. If you need to know more about manufacturing specific sizes, just give us a call.

When the concrete grain walling panels are fitted into a storage unit, if they are sealed properly they provide watertight, optimum conditions for crops to be efficiently stored. The panels are also strong enough to take the weight of grain and can cope with the added weight pressure of using grain stirrers.


How can you use prestressed concrete panels to create divisions in your grain storage?

In addition to building a singular grain store from prestressed concrete panels, you can also use concrete grain walling to create permanent divides, so you can keep your various crops stored in different compartments.

For temporary solutions, using concrete panels is often a more versatile option as opposed to installing a freestanding unit, as you’re able to adapt the panels to suit.


What other concrete products can be use for grain walling?

In addition to prestressed concrete panels for grain storage, you could also use some of our other products such as L-shape retaining walls, vertical concrete panels, concrete Lego blocks or freestanding retaining walls.

If you’re not sure which product suits your needs the best, please contact our friendly and helpful team at JP Concrete. Our team members have a great deal of experience and knowledge about grain storage and they’ll happily offer expert help and advice.


Need some design and installation help?

If you’re looking into installing a grain storage unit on site and you’re not sure where to start, contact us today and talk us through your ideas. We can offer advice on which concrete panels to use and we can give you detailed information on how to install the panels properly so that your grain will be completely protected from excess moisture, all year round.

What’s more, JP Concrete has a team of expert structural engineers on staff. Between them, they possess decades of experience in the construction industry and they can travel anywhere in the UK to lend their expertise to your project. They know our product range inside out, especially when it comes to choosing the right products for grain walling concrete projects.

So if you’d like your own dedicated construction team to take the weight off your shoulders, or indeed if you have any questions about our product range, contact us today on 0115 895 8675. We’ll be happy to help.