Spring Is Here


A spring in our step

Spring is definitely in the air and the team at JP Concrete couldn’t be happier. After all, better weather is great for construction projects and hopefully good for business! Recent weeks have seen the lambing season really take off, with plenty of farmers celebrating the arrival of spring with a fresh batch of cute lambs.

But with these new arrivals often comes the need for additional buildings on the farm. And what all farmers want are livestock buildings that are quick to construct, extremely durable and cost-effective, too.


Concrete Structures

We’ve seen a lot of farmers turning to precast concrete products in order to construct livestock buildings the easy, long-lasting way. Using precast concrete means their project’s lifespan isn’t governed quite so much by the unpredictable spring weather as the panels can be cast off-site and delivered ready to go.

When the structure is complete, it offers a robust and durable place for you to keep your livestock, protecting them from the elements in a structure that’ll stand the test of time. The strength of the panels offers great protection against damage from rowdier members of the crowd.


Concrete Wall Panels

Probably the best product for the job, our prestressed concrete panels can be inserted horizontally between steel columns. With a variety of lengths, heights and thicknesses available, we can help you create a bespoke structure that’s built to last. We can also discuss custom requirements so feel free to get in touch if you are dealing with an irregular shape or aren’t sure what size panels you need.


Ready To Go

Our concrete panels are supplied with all the necessary galvanised steel fixing plates and bolts, plus you’ll get sealant supplied as standard with 150mm and 180mm panels. If you’re not sure about about manoeuvring the panels on site, we can supply you with lifting shackles. The panels are designed with tongue and groove fittings that align easily and create a strong seal.


Planning A Project

If you have a project like this in mind, we’re on hand to answer any questions you might have. You can tweet us, get in touch on Facebook, contact us through our website or give us a call on 01273 646 450. We’re always happy to talk about building projects and to help you select the products that fit the job.

Better yet, if you’re attending the Royal Cornwall Show on the weekend of the 5th June, make sure you track us down. We’re exhibiting and will be glad to answer your questions in person. Plus you’ll benefit from some fantastic show discounts.

Whatever the weather, we’re always here to help.