Precast Concrete That Won't Cost The Earth

Eliminate maintenance costs and increase the lifecycle of structures with our eco-products.

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Unleash the benefits of sustainable building with our low-carbon, nature-based solutions for construction, infrastructure and marine environments.

The future of sustainable construction starts here

We’re on a mission to promote more sustainable ways of designing and building retaining structures in the UK and to help you reap the benefits on offer from low-carbon, nature-based solutions.

Our eco-range of concrete mixes aren’t just good for sustainable construction – they’re good for business.

Our Sensicrete products will

  • Improve the performance of precast structures.
  • Increase their resilience to chemicals, fire and water.
  • Extend the design-life and lifespan of concrete structures.
  • Help create smarter, climate-resilient structures that require minimal to zero maintenance, either eliminating or significantly reducing maintenance costs.
  • Our ‘living wall’ system can be attached to existing structures and will create green spaces in urban environments, encouraging pollination and improving the aesthetics of concrete structures

Innovation in action

Our team, led by Vighnesh Daas – Director of Innovation and Sustainability, are working in collaboration with universities, industry leaders, national and international government agencies to research and develop a range of world-class sustainable construction products.

Alongside this, they are carrying out research into “biomimicry” – ways of imitating nature’s designs – to allow concrete to be less intrusive when used in marine environments.

Low Carbon Construction Products
Sensicrete Low Carbon Concrete Products

Sensicrete™ Low-Carbon

We manufacture a range of precast products using our own reduced carbon concrete mix.

Reduce embedded carbon by 50% per m3 – compared to standard CEM1 mix design.



Sensicrete Self Healing Precast Concrete

Sensicrete™ Self-Healing

Powered by award-winning patented technology, our ultra-durable concrete increases the lifespan of structures and removes the need for repair.

Sensicrete Self-Healing offers substantial cost savings on structures with zero maintenance costs and adds an extra layer of protection to the steel reinforcement.




Lets build a more sustainable future.