Have you seen our extensive range of retaining walls?

Precast concrete retaining walls are one of our most popular products and can be used to create a variety of structures. We’ve listed our range of precast retaining walls below. If you need more information on any of our products simply visit our website, or give us a call!


Bolt Down Retaining Walls

• Quick and Easy to Install
• Range of Heights From 1m to 3.8m
• Surcharge Capacity of up to 10kN/M²
• 90 Degree Corner Units Available for All Heights

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Modular Retaining Walls

• Reduce the Number of Lifts Required with Unit Lengths of up to 6m
• Heights Range from 0.5-6m
• Superior Concrete Finish with C60/75
• Surcharge Capacity 25kN/M²

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Cast In Retaining Walls

• Quick to Install as No Fixing Required
• Range of Heights from 1m to 3.8m
• Surcharge Capacity up to 10kN/M²
• Single Point Lifting System for Easy Installation

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King Post Walls

• Surcharge Capacity up to 10kN/M²
• Standard Heights of 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m
• Panels Can Be Made to Order up to 6.5m Long
• Single and Double Load Wire Patterns Available

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Heavy Duty Retaining Wall

• Design Life of up to 100 years
• Heights Available from 1m to 5m
• Surcharge Capacity of up to 20kN/M²
• Cost-Effective Alternative to in Situ Walls

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Decorative Finishes

• Visually Appealing
• Range of Sizes Available
• No Additional Construction Time
• No Additional Cost

If you are interested in our range of decorative finishes please contact us on 01158 950 032 us for further information.

Off-load & Installation

Our experienced team can provide you with all the necessary information and can deliver and install our full range of precast products.

We have a fully qualified team who use specialised installation vehicles to position and secure items for you.

We can provide a full design, construction and installation service for all of our products, enabling us to offer a turnkey solution for your project.

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