Secure your site with concrete barrier blocks

How to secure a site with concrete barrier blocks


Fencing and gating a site is all very well, but sometimes you need that additional layer of protection.

With concrete barrier blocks, you can be sure that nobody can drive into your site without your permission. What’s more, concrete barriers can be installed very quickly, very easily, and at low cost.

We can deliver your concrete barrier blocks at short notice, and will even install them for you if need be. We offer several options for concrete barriers, including ballast blocks and interlocking concrete blocks – these can be placed across a road, in front of a gateway, or wherever else you need to limit access.

Here’s how it works:

Hiring concrete barrier blocks

We offer a 28 day initial hire period for our precast products. You can hire concrete barriers for a fixed period, or we can set up a rolling monthly charge. The cost of this varies depending on your delivery/collection options, but we always aim to keep costs low.

Product Size L, H, W (mm)
Weight (kg)
Weekly Cost (from)
Staunton Barrier® With Fence 3850 x 850 x 400 2256 £4.00
2.5m Concrete Barrier
2500 x 830 x 610 1300 £4.50
3.0m Concrete Barrier 3000 x 1000 x 630 2840 £5.50
500kg Concrete Block 805 x 445 x 655 500 £3.50
1000kg Concrete Block 750 x 750 x 750 1000 £4.00
1.5m Allegro® Block 1500 x 600 x 600 1270 £5.00
1.8m Allegro® Block 1800 x 600 x 600 1520 £6.00

A diverse product range

We offer a wide range of barrier sizes and types, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs:

1. If you’re looking for a solid barrier (for example, to secure something like a car park), our 3m barriers are the way forward. They are the largest and heaviest barriers in our range, and will stop anything from driving where it shouldn’t! They interlock firmly, and can even be bolted together to protect against even the heaviest impacts.

2. If you need a speedy job, we recommend the 2.5m Jersey Barrier. It’s the quickest to install, and can protect a large area with little fuss.

3. If you’re looking for a more flexible barrier, our Staunton® Barrier is the go-to. The units have a unique interlocking system that gives them more flexibility for installing at angles, making them perfect for site compounds and keeping pedestrians and vehicles apart. For added security, they can be fitted with Heras fence panels.


painted concrete jersey barriers


Frequently asked questions about concrete barrier blocks


Is there a minimum order size?

In theory, you can order a single block if you want to. However, we’d recommend ordering more at any one time, purely because it will make your delivery costs worthwhile.


Is there a minimum hire term?

Again, to make the costs worthwhile, we would recommend hiring for at least the full month. You can order for a single day if you want to, but we do have a minimum hire cost of one month.


How much will I have to pay upfront?

Your first invoice will cover the first month’s hire, plus the cost of delivery and collection. Following this, you will be invoiced monthly until the hire period ends.


How many metres of barriers can you install in one day?

Our teams can deliver, off-load and position up to 200 meters of precast concrete blocks or Jersey Barriers in a single day.


How quick is delivery?

We can usually get your blocks to you within 48 hours of your order, depending on things like transport and stock levels.


Where can I use your blocks?
Our concrete barrier blocks have been used to secure:

  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Private car parks
  • Public car parks
  • Industrial estates
  • Business parks
  • Construction sites
  • National Parks
  • Agricultural gateways and access

    Can I install the barriers myself?

    Yes! You will need machinery to help you offload and manoeuvre the blocks, but if you’re confident that you’ve got the right equipment there’s no reason why you shouldn’t install your own barriers. We can also give you the information and advice you’ll need to do this safely and efficiently.


    What if I need to move the blocks?

    Sometimes, you might need to move the blocks on occasion. For example, you might need to secure a site over the weekend and have it accessible during the week.

    In cases like this, we recommend choosing blocks with lifting points. This makes it a lot easier to move them around. A forklift or telehandler can also help out – check the lift capacity of your vehicle against the weight of your blocks.


    Can you install the barriers for me?

    Absolutely! We have an articulated lorry with vehicle-mounted Moffet capable of offloading and positioning your barrier blocks. We also have a network of hauliers and HIAB vehicles that can easily do the job for you.


    precast concrete block installation


    How can I find out more?

    If you have more questions or if you’d like a quote, just give us a call on 01158 952 923.