How to save time and money on installing temporary barriers

There are times when a building or construction project calls for extra flexibility and security, especially if you’re looking to create temporary roadblocks or protect vacant sites or buildings from public access.

Very often you need to source a barrier that’s fit for purpose but you don’t actually need to purchase a barrier for permanent use. Here at JP Concrete, we operate a temporary concrete barrier hire service for our customers across the country, supplying barriers which have been made from robust and high-quality precast concrete.


How does our concrete barrier hire service work?

We supply and deliver a range of concrete barriers, with hire contracts ranging from one week to one year, giving you the flexibility you need for your project.

Whether you’re looking to restrict access to a road, or create extra security around a site or building, concrete barriers are an effective solution, not least because they create an instant barrier effect, but also because they are made with hardwearing concrete for durable and long-lasting use.


How quickly can concrete barriers be delivered?

Sometimes sourcing access to a barrier can be an urgent requirement. If you’re looking for a fast turnaround for concrete barrier hire, UK customers are able to receive their temporary barrier within 72 hours of ordering so please just let a member of our team know that you require urgent access to a barrier. We’ll do our best to ensure you receive your barrier in plenty of time.


How are concrete barriers installed?

If you are looking for temporary concrete barrier hire, we recommend that you use our bespoke installation service. We deliver, offload and install the barriers for you, using high-specification craned and forklift vehicles.

When you no longer need access to your concrete barrier, we simply collect and remove it from site. What’s more, assuming access to the barrier is easy enough, our installation team can collect the barrier without you even needing to be on site at the time of collection.


What sizes do the concrete barriers come in?

Here at JP Concrete, we understand that flexibility is always key when it comes to any building project. This is why we offer a choice of four barrier types for our customers to choose from:

  • 1500mm concrete barriers – Our smallest barrier is 1020mm high, 550mm wide and weighs 1460kg.
  • 2000mm concrete barriers – The next size up is the interlocking 2m long barrier. The height is 900mm and weighs 1560kg
  • 2500mm concrete barriers – We also supply a slightly larger barrier that weighs 1300kg and measures 830mm in height and 610mm in width around the base of the barrier.
  • 3000mm concrete barriers – The base of our largest concrete barrier measures 670mm in width and 1000mm in height. This barrier is extra heavy, weighing in at 2840kg and also comes available with a fence panel if you’re looking for a little extra security.

Is the delivery service available across the UK?

Yes. For precast concrete barrier hire, UK customers are eligible for our barrier installation service. All we ask is that our installation and delivery team has easy access to your site or building so that they can install the barrier quickly and on time. If you’d like more information on our delivery and installation service, just speak to a member of our team who can give you more information.

Creating temporary divisions or adding security to a site or building doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We’ve designed our bespoke temporary concrete barrier hire service to be flexible, adaptable and affordable.

All you need to do is choose the right size of barrier for your project and decide how long you will need the barrier on site for. We’ll arrange the rest, from delivery to collection, so contact us today to discuss your project in more detail.

Get in touch with our friendly, skilled and helpful team today on 01158 220 282 and see for yourself how hiring barriers can really take the load off.