How to save time and money when installing retaining walls

Creating the right walling for a building project can be complex and most certainly requires a large degree of planning before materials can be bought and labour assigned. Retaining walls are designed to withhold earth, aggregate, grain and salt and are engineered to be able to cope with heavy surcharge loads. 

One of the most common problems with retaining walls is the time it can take to install them. Many of our customers are looking for a faster solution when using retaining walls for their building project so we have put together this handy guide to explain why our modular retaining wall systems are by far the most efficient option.

First of all, let’s look at when using modular retaining walls can be most effective.


What are retaining walls used for?

Retaining walls are traditionally used for earth retention but they can also be used in building salt barns and grain stores, since they have the capacity to cope with heavy loads. You can also use retaining walls to create waste and recycling bays to store different types of waste materials, as well as being an effective solution for creating flood defences.

Modular retaining walls are one of the most flexible and versatile solutions across a range of building projects and since installation is straightforward and requires no heavy machinery, you can install retaining walls quickly and easily, saving you time and money on installation.


Why are modular retaining walls so commonly used?

When it comes to modular retaining walls, UK suppliers offer a range of designs, prices and profiles. Here at JP Concrete, we design, supply and manufacture a bespoke modular precast retaining wall system that is not only durable and effective, it is also affordable and easy to install, too.


How are modular retaining walls manufactured?

Our prefabricated modular retaining walls are manufactured up to 6000mm in height and 6000mm in length. The modular retaining wall blocks are also designed with a precast groove in the end of each unit which allows you to join and seal the units as they are installed.

All modular retaining wall blocks are designed to NBN EN206-1:2000 and NEN EN 206-1:2001 and have a concrete strength of C60/C75.

Another advantage of using our modular retaining wall system is that the units themselves do not require any fixing once they are in place. They come in three different profiles (L, T and U) and these can be easily placed on a prepared foundation with no fixing required.


Can JP Concrete install the units?

Yes, absolutely. Our experienced team is able to install up to 100m of walling in just one day, so they can certainly come to site and fit the units for you. If you’d like more information on our precast installation service, just get in touch with a member of our team who will explain a bit more about how it works.


How much do modular retaining walls cost?

Since each building project can vary dramatically in terms of scale and size, it is difficult to say how much modular retaining walls will cost but once we know exactly what you’re looking to achieve, we can certainly give you an exact quote. 

However, our policy at JP Concrete is to always offer excellent value for money. We want to ensure that our customers are absolutely clear on what they’re looking for before they make a purchase so that they don’t waste money on building materials that they don’t necessary need. Our team will work hard to help you to create a modular retaining wall system that is just right for your building project.

If you’d like more information on our modular retaining wall systems or you’re unsure which profile is right for your building project, get in touch with our expert team for more advice. Our team members can offer help and assistance in choosing the right panels and in the right dimensions, as well as giving advice on how many panels you are likely to need for your building project.


Installing retaining walls needn’t be complicated or expensive. Give us a call today on 01158 220 282 and make time-consuming installation a thing of the past!