Salt Barns – Choosing The Right Construction

Salt barns in the UK are essential for storing salt in the correct conditions so that it is readily available during the winter months. As the weather begins to change, the temperature drops and the roads are far more likely to attract ice and snow.

Highway agencies and local councils can struggle to ensure that there is enough salt grit available all year round and the pressure put on them to prevent weather-related accidents on the roads is immense.

Because the weather is so unpredictable, especially in the UK where the winter months can get very cold indeed, it’s important that there is a constant supply of salt available.

However, keeping on top of salt supplies is not as easy as it may sound. Salt can be awkward to store, particularly as it is so sensitive towards moisture.

Ensuring that there is sufficient salt storage to cope with the vast UK road network each year means that storing salt in the right conditions is absolutely essential.


What is a salt barn?

A salt barn can store salt and keep it protected from excess moisture by storing the salt in controlled conditions. A salt barn can be as simple as a small bin made from plastic or as comprehensive as a large purpose-built construction.

For the latter, it is important to get the construction right, so we’ve supplied a few ideas below on how to build your salt barn so that it can stand up against even the most punishing conditions.


How are salt barns constructed?

Salt barns can be constructed using a number of different precast concrete options and fitted with a pitched roof. However, many salt barns have a dome roof fitted in order to maximize the amount of salt that a storage barn can house.

When choosing which concrete panels to use in your salt barn, there are many options. Here at JP Concrete, all of our precast concrete panels are made from the highest quality concrete offering a durable, robust and long-lasting finish.

In terms of which type of concrete panels to go for, the choice is yours. But we’re on hand to help if you just can’t decide!


Concrete Lego blocks

For a temporary salt barn storage unit, concrete Lego blocks are the ideal solution. The Lego blocks are self-supporting and designed to interlock neatly, making installation extremely quick and straightforward.

When you no longer need your salt barn in situ, you can simply remove the concrete Lego blocks and store them for future use.


Prestressed concrete wall panels

For building projects on a budget, one of the most cost-effective ways of constructing a salt barn is to install prestressed concrete wall panels.

All of our panels are available in a range of dimensions so there’s plenty of choice. If you can’t find the size you need, we can manufacture to your specifications.


Precast retaining walls

Using precast retaining walls is also an effective way of constructing salt barn storage units. These walls can either be cast in to a reinforced floor, or positioned on a concrete footing, but we usually recommend the cast-in option as this method tends to be more effective in preventing salt corrosion.

Other options for salt barn construction include vertical cantilever wall panels and freestanding retaining walls, both options providing a secure and durable salt storage solution.


How should your salt barn be covered?

Another option to consider when building a salt storage unit is whether or not you should install a fabric cover. Using high-quality, waterproof fabric is a great way to keep your salt dry and protected.

The main culprit of poor salt storage is a lack of moisture control, so covering your salt barn with a resilient and strong fabric cover will help to keep your salt in optimum condition.

When it comes to building a salt barn, it’s important to carefully plan your infrastructure before you start building. If you’d like to build a salt barn but you have no idea where to start, the team at JP Concrete is on hand to help.

With many years of experience, our friendly and skilled staff members have helped plenty of customers to choose the right options for their salt storage. Get in touch with us today on 0115 8958675 and tell us a bit more about your project.