Salt Barn Walls

As the weather starts to turn, the nights draw in and the temperatures start to drop, local authorities and highway agencies attention will start to turn towards ensuring they are able to maintain our roads through the winter months and evaluating the need for salt barn walls.

One of their main concerns will be if they have enough grit salt reserves to keep the UK’s road network running smoothly. This can be a challenging task, as the British weather can be extremely changeable as the length and harshness of winter can be completely different from year-to-year.

Salt storage facilities can range from small plastic bins by the side of the road, to huge industrial size buildings. The construction of these can also be diverse; round dome structures, steel frame buildings and external storage bays.

Bolt Down Retaining Wall Salt Barn


Precast concrete is an excellent way of constructing the reinforced salt barn walls required to retain the grit salt. By using a product that is manufactured in a factory off-site, ensures fast construction. The fact that the precast concrete retaining walls are also pre-designed to withstand the loads imposed by the salt also reduced the cost of constructing these stores as there is no need for new structural designs to be carried out.

Within the wide range of precast concrete products available on the market, there are several products that are ideally suited for this application:


Precast Retaining Walls

These products are an L-shape unit with a vertical wall which has its own foot, or toe. This product can either be cast into a reinforced floor, or resin anchored onto a concrete footing. The cast-in version is generally preferred if a new floor is being poured as this ensures all the steel reinforcement is encased in the concrete which will reduce the risk of corrosion from the grit salt, which is an aggressive material.


Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels

The concrete panels are a cost effective method of constructing the retaining walls if a steel frame building design is being used. These panels span horizontally between the steel columns of the building and are attached to the steel using galvanised plates.


Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks are Ideal if the salt storage facility is designed to only be a temporary structure, or the base is not suitable for fixing retaining wall units to. These large blocks of concrete are designed to interlock and be self supporting, as no fixing is required they are an incredibly fast way of constructing a storage bay for the salt.

More information about salt barn design and the suitable products available for salt barn walls in our range can be found on the Salt Barn page.