Precast Retaining Wall Products

Here are JP Concrete, we design and manufacture a range of precast retaining wall products, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect solution for your project. We can provide five different types of walls; bolt-down, cast-in, freestanding, heavy duty and cantilever. Each product is easy to install, cost-effective and durable.

Retaining walls are used to hold sloping ground in place and to stop the movement of soil. The structure redistributes the pressure caused by sloping ground and the wall usually has seepage holes which encourage any collected water to disappear, helping to keep the wall secure.

There are a number of factors when deciding which of our precast retaining wall products to use. The type of product you will end up using will depend entirely on the type of project you are working on. If you are unsure which product is the right option for you, we have explained each product below which will help to guide you through the process so you can be sure you purchase the right product for the job.


Bolt Down Retaining Wall

A bolt-down retaining wall is suitable for retaining a range of materials and is an ideal solution if you are looking to fix it into an existing concrete slab. You can easily install a bolt-down retaining wall and once it has been secured to the foundation, no additional fixing is needed which is particularly useful if there is no existing framework in place.

In addition to the bolt-down retaining wall, you can also use a cast-in retaining wall unit which is made with reinforcement bars which are tied into the concrete floor. If you are looking for a durable retaining wall which needs to be fixed to an existing concrete slab, then the bolt-down retaining wall is the ideal solution.

This product is great for a variety of buildings projects such as salt barns, storage bays and waste and recycling facilities.


Cast In Retaining Wall

Using a cast-in retaining wall is a fast and effective way of creating a precast wall. The cast-in retaining wall units are designed to provide a retaining wall structure with no protruding base. The cast-in retaining wall is an ideal solution for storage bays, salt barns, waste and recycling and flood defence. An added advantage to this type of retaining wall is that once the unit has been cast in, there is no extra fixing required which is ideal if there is no framework in place. This retaining wall product is ideal when building flood defences, storage bays, waste and recycling facilities and salt barns.


Free Standing Retaining Wall

Some building or construction projects call for a more flexible approach. We design and manufacture freestanding retaining walls which can be custom made to your specification. They are strong and durable and have been designed so that they can just be moved into place according to your requirements.

Our freestanding walls are designed to be standalone but you can also attach the walls into place if necessary. This product is ideal for storage bays, waste and recycling facilities and grain stores.


Heavy Duty Retaining Wall

All of our retaining wall products are designed to be strong, robust and durable. However, there will be some building or construction projects which need added security and strength. Our heavy duty retaining walls can be custom made with a range of different reinforcement patterns based on your specification.

Heavy duty retaining walls are an ideal solution for salt barns, storage bays, earth retention, flood defence and bund walling.


Vertical Cantilever Retaining Wall

If you are looking for a retaining wall but with no framework, then a cantilever retaining wall is the ideal option. The units are designed to have no protruding toe that could potentially cause an obstruction.

Depending on your requirements, we can manufacture the units to withstand loads from one or two sides, giving you the flexibility to have a unit custom-made for your project. Cantilever retaining walls are great for slurry stores, waste and recycling and storage areas.


Choosing the right retaining wall products is crucial. There are a number of factors involved when selecting the right product for the job. Contact JP Concrete about your project and we will guide you to selecting the right product for your project. We’re always happy to offer advice.