Rapid Cure Concrete


We love reading and sharing things that enhance our knowledge of concrete! So we were especially pleased when we came across this article on The Construction Index about rapid cure concrete. The article reports that using quick-set concrete has helped to reduce lane and carriageway closures by more than 1000 hours per year on the heavily used M25.

By using concrete that has been created using modern processes, roadworks that would previously have required a 48-hour closure can now usually be completed overnight. This is great news for the construction industry, as well as for the general public.

So shifting topic slight, why are precast products the best choice for many construction projects?


It’s versatile

Because the concrete products are often manufactured to spec, customers can order their choice of size, shape, colour and even have them branded. Precast concrete can be whatever you need it to be, and that makes it especially appealing to those who are working on bespoke, complicated projects.

It boasts optimised quality

Because of the way precast concrete is manufactured, the advanced technologies in use mean that the concrete is usually of superior quality to concrete that is cast on site. What’s more, the quality of a unit can be fully checked and tested before it’s installed in place.


It’s tough and strong

Precast products have been proven to be extremely durable, especially when held up against other construction options. Many agricultural organisations choose precast concrete over wood or other options because, quite simply, it lasts and lasts. Plus it can take a lot of punishing!


It’s time-efficient

Because it’s all manufactured off-site, precast products can be delivered to site and used straight away. Foundations and other basic work can continue while the products are being made, saving a considerable amount of time in construction projects. Precast products can be delivered to pre-prepared sites and put in place immediately.


It’s cost-efficient

Because of its quality and durability and relative affordability, precast concrete helps to keep costs down without having to compromise on quality. It doesn’t suffer corrosion and its durability extends the lifespan of creations.

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