Prestressed concrete panels: the go-to building solution

Over the years, prestressed concrete panels have become more and more popular for use in domestic, industrial and agricultural buildings.

There are many advantages of using prestressed concrete panels. Firstly, the prestressed concrete panels cost is extremely affordable, especially for agricultural building owners who can also now claim tax relief on purchasing concrete panels (thanks to the Annual Investment Allowances legislation which has been introduced to the UK).

But cost aside, let’s look at other reasons why you should consider using prestressed concrete panels for your building.


What can prestressed concrete panels be used for?

Prestressed concrete panels have been designed to be a flexible choice for building owners. They can be sourced in a number of different dimensions and can be easily installed.

Although they can be used on any type of building, they are commonly used for industrial and agricultural projects such as grain stores, silage clamps, slurry stores, salt barns, recycling yards and storage bays.

Prestressed concrete panels can also be used to create temporary or permanent walls. This can vastly change the functionality of a building or improve the use of space within a building.

Prestressed concrete wall panels can be installed using a straightforward tongue and groove fitting which allows you to quickly construct walls to meet your requirements.

Another great advantage of using prestressed concrete wall panels is that they can be installed either horizontally between steel columns or used vertically by being cast into a concrete foundation, offering fantastic flexibility.

How large are prestressed concrete panels?

Here at JP Concrete, we understand that building projects differ in terms of size and scale so there is not always one product to fit all. We manufacture a variety of panels in a number of thicknesses, lengths and heights to meet with various specifications.

If you’re looking for a relatively narrow concrete panel, we offer non-retaining panels at a thickness of 100mm, which are ideal for livestock walling. The next size up is 150mm in thickness, which is perfect for retaining panels used in grain, silage and earth stores.

The thickest panels measures 180mm and we recommend these for use on a building where the height of the wall is greater than 4000mm. Length-wise, we can custom-make the panels to your specification up to a maximum of 6500mm.

When it comes to the height of the panels, you can choose from our standard panel heights of 500mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm. However, if these standard heights are not quite right for your building project, we can custom-make them to meet with your requirements.

Our robust and durable prestressed concrete panels have been manufactured to British Standards 8110 and each panel has been CE marked.

How can prestressed concrete panels be installed?

Each panel comes with a tongue and groove fitting on the top and bottom edges, making installation an absolute breeze. Also, if you need help to manoeuvre the panels on site, we can supply lifting shackles which make the process of positioning the panels much easier to manage.

However, if you’re unsure about installation or do not have time to install the panels yourself, our installation team can manage this process for you. Our precast installation team manages installation projects of all sizes for customers who need a little extra on-site help.

Our installation operatives are all fully committed to providing high standards of health and safety and have experience in installing a range of concrete products, from prestressed concrete wall panels through to full-scale construction of waste transfer stations or grain storage units.

Our installation service is available to all customers across the UK, so please just ask a member of our team for more information.

If you’d like further details on prestressed concrete panels or would like some advice on whether concrete panels are the right product for your building, contact our friendly and helpful team at JP Concrete.

Our members of staff can provide recommendations based on your requirements and can talk you through the process before you make a purchase.

Contact us today on 0115 822 0282 to see how prestressed concrete panels can make a big difference to your agricultural, domestic or industrial building project.