Precast retaining walls: the key facts

Precast retaining walls are increasingly popular products due to their durability, cost effectiveness, versatility and in most cases, quick and easy installation. At JP Concrete, we make it our priority to ensure that each of our customers is provided with the right precast retaining wall for their requirements, which is why our customer base continues to turn to our wide range and great service.


What kind of retaining wall blocks do you offer?

We offer a wide range of precast retaining walls to ensure that we provide the most suitable option. Depending on your requirements, budget and situation, we offer the following retaining wall options:


Modular Retaining Walls

Modular retaining walls are available in three different wall profiles: L, T and U and the units can be manufactured up to 6000mm high and 6000mm long. Our specialist team can install these panels extremely quickly (often completing up to 100 metres of walling a day) so this option is increasingly popular for customers looking for quick installation and a fast finish.

Another benefit of this option is that the modular units can be sealed together quickly and efficiently by a simple joining system, meaning they don’t require fixing once they’re in position. The modular walls are made up of a concrete mix of C60/C75, creating a superior finish and achieving high load capacity.

Cast In Retaining Walls

Cast-in retaining walls are constructed with reinforcement bars, which extend from the end of the toe of the unit, allowing the units to be cast straight into a reinforced concrete floor slab. The result is a retaining wall without a protruding base, making them ideal for storage bays with the solid floor foundation also providing a suitable place to store effluent and aqueous materials.

In addition, cast-in retaining walls are suitable for large loads, built to last even in severe exposure and can be manufactured up to 3800mm high and 1000mm wide.

Heavy Duty Retaining Walls

Ideal for most projects, heavy-duty retaining walls are available in heights of up to 4.3 metres long and are manufactured with a variety of reinforcement patterns to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Standard heavy-duty retaining walls are designed to be cast into a concrete floor slab and almost always prove more cost-effective than casting a wall on site.

Bolt Down Retaining Walls

Extremely stable and built to withstand severe exposure, concrete bolt-down retaining walls are versatile products that can be used to store a wide variety of materials, including liquids. Available in heights of up to 3800mm, these retaining walls are built to last with 90-degree corner units also available.

Although we offer installation assistance, we recommend installing them independently since they are so simple and quick to put in place. Once the units are secured, no additional fixing is required, making them ideal for customers whose site has no existing framework.

Freestanding Retaining Walls

Freestanding retaining walls are strong, cost-effective and quick and easy to install without the need for specialist equipment. Processed in a high-quality, factory-controlled environment, the walls are available in corner units and in heights of up to 3.5 metres long.

Designed to stand in place on their own, these walls can also be fixed down with bolts if something more permanent is required. Freestanding retaining walls are ideal for silage clamps, grain stores, recycling centres, waste transfer stations and aggregate bays.


Do you offer assistance with installation?

As with all of our products, we offer a full installation service for precast retaining walls and our highly experienced installation team operates throughout the UK for your convenience. Our team are dedicated to a service that’s on time and on budget and are consistently committed to high standards of health and safety on site.


How much does a precast retaining wall cost?

At JP Concrete, we offer competitive pricing on all of our precast retaining walls. Since each retaining wall is different, please call our friendly team on 01158 220 282, who will be able to provide you with a no-obligation free quote.

The team will assist with any questions you have and offer advice based on your requirements, to ensure that you walk away with the most suitable precast retaining wall solution. Alternatively, please click here for a quote response within four hours.