Precast Concrete Tanks
Precast Concrete Tanks
Precast Concrete Tanks
  • Speed of Construction – Precast tanks are quick and easy to install.
  • Factory Controlled Manufacturing – C60 concrete provides excellent protection against aggressive materials.
  • Excellent Design Life – Precast concrete tanks achieve up to 100 years design life.

About Precast Concrete Tanks

There are numerous reasons why you might need to create a fluid storage tank, either above or below ground. Using precast concrete to construct these has many advantages over other types of systems.

Precast concrete tanks are available in various shapes and sizes, typically they are circular, square or rectangular. The size of the tank will largely depend on the precast system as this may limit the maximum size that can be achieved. However, modular tank systems enable you to use section elements that can be combined to create tanks of almost any length or width. The ability to utilise different types of jointing systems allows the tanks to be used for numerous applications from waste storage to potable water containment structures

Common applications for storage tanks

  • Storm Attenuation Systems
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Effluent Storage
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Clean Water Storage
  • Slurry Storage Tanks
  • CSO Chambers
  • Aeration Tanks
  • Settlement tanks
  • SBR Tanks

Precast Products

The precast tanks can be formed using precast wall elements, such as; pre-stressed panels and steel columns, specialist retaining wall units, or using specific precast modular tank systems.

All of the products are designed to be capable of retaining the liquid inside the tank and many of the systems will also allow these tanks to be constructed above or below ground.

Concrete Tank Construction

For all of these options the most important part of the design is the sealing of joints to ensure a watertight seal between the precast elements. We recommend Sika waterproofing systems for joint sealing and have experience personnel who are trained in these types of systems.

As with all our products and systems we can offer a full service from design through to installation.