Precast Concrete Manufacturers In The UK

If you’ve got a large construction project coming up in the UK, it’s worth finding a reliable and friendly precast concrete manufacturer well in advance. This way, you can get to know their product line and find out whether they have the capability to produce bespoke precast concrete products or whether you’ll be limited to their existing line.

You’ll also be able to get to know the team that runs the company, talk to them about your project and ask them questions about which products are right for you.


Finding a Precast Concrete Manufacturer

Top of most people’s list is finding a precast concrete manufacturer who is close to them. But with a fantastic range of delivery options available, sometimes you don’t have to be restricted to locality. Browse for the highest quality, rather than the manufacturer who happens to be just down the road.

You also need to look for a manufacturer whose products conform to quality standards. These exist within the industry for good reason, so don’t be afraid to quiz a potential manufacturer on their paperwork!

Finally, you need to choose a supplier that is friendly and flexible. Your project might look pretty straightforward now, but it’s best to partner with a manufacturer who can help should the project start to take a different shape and require different products.


Why Choose Precast?

Precast concrete manufacturers in the UK quite-rightly pride themselves on the quality of their product. Precast is strong, durable, versatile and usually far more cost-effective than other construction options.

When using more traditional methods in a construction project, walls can’t be put in place until the foundations of the building or the structure are in place, meaning a longer lead time on most projects. However, when you enlist the help of a precast concrete manufacturer, you can significantly reduce the time-line of your project because the foundations and walls can be created simultaneously, reducing project and labour costs.

Precast concrete is also fantastic in our delightfully unpredictable English weather. These products are predominantly crafted indoors, so their construction can go ahead even when the wind and rain is lashing, something that isn’t always the case on open building sites. You can read more bout the benefits of precast in our blog.


Quality of Production

Precast concrete manufacturers in the UK, work hard to ensure the quality of their product. Because precast concrete panels, blocks and walls are made inside, they can be cured under optimum conditions, ensuring an excellent finished product.

What’s more, certain precast concrete products, such as freestanding walls, can be manufactured with handy extras such as recesses to their base. These are really handy for forklift manoeuvring when they arrive on site, plus they can be easily moved in the future for total versatility.



Precast concrete is proven to last for decades, standing strong against the elements and ensuring a long lifespan for your building projects. Many builders would stake their jobs on the use of precast concrete being a far more reliable, cost-effective option.


Environmentally Friendly

Everyone has a duty to be environmentally conscious these days, and using precast concrete in your construction project is a great way to do your bit for the planet. Overall, using precast products reduces the amount of raw materials and natural resources that are used during the span of the project.


Sound Resistant

Another benefit to using a precast concrete manufacturer’s products is a significant resistance to sound. Precast products meet all the top standards and a 150mm precast concrete floor can offer an airborne sound insulation of 50db. This makes precast an ideal material for building office blocks and houses.


Total versatility

A good precast concrete manufacturer will be able to create whatever you need for your project. From standard sizes through to bespoke shapes and measurements, all you need to do is supply the numbers. Plus items such as barriers and concrete lego blocks can be branded up with your company logo and colours.


Talk to the experts

If you’ve got a project coming up and would like to talk to a precast concrete manufacturer, JP Concrete is here to help.

We’re a really friendly team and we know our industry inside out. If you want to ask any questions, drop us a line through our contact page, get in touch via Twitter or Facebook or give us a call on 0115 895 6799. We’re always happy to talk about precast concrete!