Precast Concrete In Scotland

JP Concrete manufacturing is based in the midlands, so we’re pretty far away from Scotland, it has to be said. But recently, we seem to be taking an increased number of orders from the bonny land. It’s great to welcome new, far-flung clients to our books!

One recent client in Scotland called us up to ask about the benefits of using precast concrete, and why they should consider it over conventional construction methods. We always love talking about our products, so this is what we told him!


Salt Barn Retaining Walls

Construction of a new salt storage building for South Lanarkshire Council. our cast-in retaining walls were installed around the perimeter of the salt barn.


Time Efficiency

When you’re working in construction, deadlines can be a huge stress. Projects can quickly fall apart and you end up extending them, costing extra money and causing endless headaches. The great news about using precast concrete is that it can shave approximately 20% off the timeline of your average construction project. So you get an early completion, you save money and your customers are very happy campers.

If you use precast concrete products in your project, you can carry on with on-site jobs while the structures are being manufactured in a factory somewhere. A factory like ours! And even if you are based in Scotland, we can ship the finished products to you on time, no problem.



Precast concrete is widely respected as a cost-efficient construction option. Construction projects which use traditional concrete methods are at the mercy of adverse weather conditions, while our precast products are kept safe, dry and warm in the comfort of our factory, meaning you don’t lose out on any precious construction time.

Not only can using precast save time on your project by being fabricated off site, but the ongoing maintenance costs are low given the quality and durability of precast concrete.



While we’re on that topic, precast is a builder’s favourite for its sheer longevity. This hard-wearing, high-quality concrete is unbelievably strong and is proven to last for decades. When used correctly (and we’re happy to offer advice on this), precast concrete can help you create a structure that is genuinely built to last.



All of our precast concrete products are cast in a factory where extremely specific elements can be adhered to. As manufacturers, we are given plenty of control over the end results, meaning that the accuracy of measurements and the sheer quality of the finished product is far superior to conventional concrete. The whole process is fantastically precise so you always get the exact finished product you require.



This is our favourite point: precast concrete can be whatever you want it to be. Length, shape, thickness and other elements can all be determined by you, the customer. And there isn’t a single project that precast can’t be involved in.

Need to protect some land? Use our versatile concrete barriers. We’ve supplied branded-up concrete barriers to hundreds of customers for this very purpose. Constructing a salt barn? Our prestressed panels and precast retaining walls are durable and cost-effective. We have a lot of agricultural customers in the UK (and now a few in Scotland!) who love our precast concrete products for creating structures such as grain stores and livestock buildings.

So whatever you’ve got in mind, consider precast concrete and its host of benefits. It could mean the difference between a stressful project and a successful project!


Ask us

If you’re still not sure whether precast concrete is right for your project in Scotland, you’re very welcome to get in touch with our friendly team. No matter how far away you are, we’re always on hand to offer expert, impartial advice on your project. So call JP Concrete today on 0115 895 0965.