Precast Concrete For Flood Protection

In the true spirit of Brits, it’s been the topic for most people over the last few weeks, especially those of us who hail from the south west; it has and still is worrying times.


The kindness of strangers

From Somerset to Cornwall, rail tracks and valuable land are being destroyed or left unusable, creating huge setbacks for farmers and local communities. What’s more, farmers are being left without animal fodder or bedding. But fortunately, some kindly farmers from Yorkshire have come to their rescue.

Organised by Philip Rowbottom, representative from the Wakefield branch of the National Farmers Union, two tractors piled up with silage, straw and hay will soon head south to help out those suffering on the Somerset Levels (Source: BBC News).

We’re extremely pleased to see that those who have escaped the flooding are coming to the rescue of those less fortunate. The farming community has a great support network.


Flood defence

It’s now more important than ever to look at the various flood defence options that are available. Prevention is certainly better than cure in this situation and although dredging of rivers will help to reduce the water levels, for more exposed coastal areas, a more robust flood prevention scheme is required.

As with many construction schemes, the use of precast concrete has distinct advantages over constructing onsite. Our bolt-down retaining walls have been a popular option for many food defence schemes all over the country. Suitable for retaining all kinds of material, these units are quick to install and can be secured in place by resin anchoring to reinforced concrete strip foundations; creating a water tight join between the units is easy to achieve using standard mastics.

They’re all designed to British Standards (BS 8110-1:1997) and can cope with considerable loads, making them ideal for protecting vulnerable areas from the threat of flooding.


Precast Options

We manufacture other concrete products that can be used in flood defence schemes. With plenty of prestressed concrete panels, freestanding retaining walls and interlocking concrete blocks in constant production, we can supply the perfect product for your project.

Prestressed concrete panels are great for creating walls when combined with steel columns. Their tongue and groove fittings ensure an absolutely watertight join.

Our freestanding retaining walls are perfect for when you need a fast and flexible option as no foundation work is required (although they can be bolted together if necessary).

Finally, our interlocking concrete blocks are ideal for creating temporary, bespoke-shape structures without the need for foundation work.


Protect your land

If you rely on your land for your livelihood, flood defence is a must. As we’ve learned during the past few weeks, adverse weather can strike at any time and continue for an alarming amount of time.

If you’re thinking about using precast concrete for flood protection, talk to us. We’re happy to help and have a wealth of experience in suggesting the right products for the job. Precast concrete is a cost-effective, durable and time-efficient option.

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