Precast Concrete For Biomass Storage

In the UK, biomass is increasingly being lauded as the cost-effective answer to meeting our renewable energy targets. Biomass fuels come from living organisms such as plants (or plant-derived materials). Using a variety of methods, energy can be generated from these materials as a way to beat the rising costs of oil. But to get involved with biomass energy and reap the benefits, significant storage is required.

More and more people are turning to precast concrete products to create storage bays for wood and other biomass fuel. These storage areas allow you to build up a huge stock of biomass fuel ready for conversion into energy, keeping it protected from the elements in a robust storage bay. JP Concrete’s versatile products are ideal for creating exactly the structure you’re looking for. Whether you need one huge bay or individual areas, we can supply the right products for the job.


Precast retaining walls

These L-shaped retaining wall units are ideal for creating storage bays of all sizes. They are cast into the floor slab and the protruding toe of the unit is submerged to create a smooth finish: ideal for manoeuvring vehicles around. The heights of the units can vary from 1000mm to 3800mm and we also manufacture 90-degree corner units. The walls are suitable for retaining on both sides, making them perfect for creating dividing walls within a storage bay.


Prestressed concrete panels

Placed within a steel frame, our prestressed concrete panels create an exceptionally robust and durable option. And they’re pretty cost-effective, too. Ask us about our bespoke panel lengths – we can manufacture anything up to 6500mm. With tongue and groove fittings, these panels fit together to create a tight, durable join.

We also manufacture vertical cantilever panels which can be used without steels. Instead, they’re fixed into a concrete foundation trough and then tied into the floor slab. They are supported with steel cradles within the foundation trough and levelled before being tied in. Concrete is then poured to secure the panels and create a neat floor to wall joint.


Freestanding retaining walls

These precast concrete products are perfect for creating a temporary divide. Should your storage needs change, they can be moved around with ease to create larger or smaller spaces. They are heavy enough to stand strong on their own weight but they can also be fixed down if required.


Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Perfect for creating structures piece-by-piece, our concrete Lego blocks need no foundation work so when time’s tight, they’re a great option. When fixed together, Lego blocks are strong enough to deal with most loading situations.

So if you’re interested in building storage structures for biomass fuels – or any other purpose – don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 646 450 to talk through the options.