How to optimise your storage facility for heavier loads

One of the most common problems you can face when looking for efficient storage solutions, especially if you have a large amount of materials to store, is how to create a unit strong enough to withstand the weight of the collective materials.

Building and land owners often need to store materials such as aggregate, sand, salt, grain and waste, and with large amounts of each, it can be difficult to find the right infrastructure, not only to store them, but to offer them the right sort of protection, too.

When planning your storage infrastructure, if you’re looking to store heavy materials or large volumes of lighter materials, we recommend that you use precast concrete retaining walls.

Very often, using freestanding retaining walls can be sufficient for many storage solutions but for the correct storage of heavier materials, we recommend that you invest in heavy-duty retaining wall systems.


What is a heavy-duty retaining wall system?

Heavy duty retaining wall systems are made up of hard wearing and durable heavy-duty retaining wall blocks which, when installed together, create an infrastructure to store a variety of heavy materials.


What are the benefits of using heavy-duty retaining wall systems?

Heavy-duty retaining wall blocks are very cost effective, certainly more so than casting a wall on site. Also, since they have been designed to cope with heavy loads, you can be sure that they are robust and durable for long-lasting use. Our heavy-duty retaining wall blocks are designed to BS 8110-1:1997 and have been manufactured using a concrete mix grade of C40/C50 for a hard wearing finish.

In addition to being robust enough to withstand heavy loads and being extremely cost effective, another advantage of using heavy-duty retaining walls is that they can be manufactured to a variety of heights which gives you the flexibility of adapting your storage solution as much as required.


Which sizes can you source heavy-duty retaining wall blocks in?

We design, supply and manufacture heavy-duty retaining walls which come in a standard width of 1,000mm but in a variety of heights. If your storage solution calls for a relatively low height, we supply panels measuring 1,000mm, 1,500mm and 2,000mm.

If, however, you need more height in your storage facility, we also supply panels which come in a height of 2,500mm, 3,200mm, 3,500mm and 4,300mm.


How do you install heavy-duty retaining wall blocks?

Heavy-duty retaining wall installation couldn’t be easier. Our standard panels are designed and manufactured to be cast into a concrete floor slab. However, if your building project calls for it, they can be altered to a resin anchor system which is similar to our standard bolt-down retaining wall units.

The heavy-duty units can also be manufactured with a variety of different reinforcement patterns to meet your specific requirements and corner detailing can be designed and supplied if required.


Can JP Concrete install heavy-duty retaining walls?

Yes, absolutely. If you’d rather not install the units yourself or you don’t have the necessary workforce to help with installation, speak to our team at JP Concrete about our full installation service which is available to all UK-based customers.

Covering a variety of installations, we employ expert structural engineers who are on hand to provide our clients with a full design service if required. Our installation team is committed to ensuring high standards of health & safety and our installation operatives each hold qualifications which include CPCS, CSCS & SSSTS and First Aid.

Using heavy-duty retaining wall systems is ideal if you’re looking to create a storage facility with a complex specification, or you need to store large volumes of heavy materials. If you’re unsure which units to use, or you’d like some advice on installation, our team members at JP Concrete are on hand to help.

With years of experience and training, they can advise you on the best panels to use and answer any questions you may have on height specifications for your storage facility.

Give our friendly and helpful team a call today on 01158 220 282 and create a storage facility that’s strong and robust enough to stand the test of time, as well as keeping your materials protected, too.