A new website for JP Concrete

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to shake up our website recently and we’re pleased to be able to share it with you now. With a fresh design and a new layout, we’ve made sure that it’s more navigable and useful for our customers than ever before. You, our valued customers, are what keep us going so we hope you enjoy the new website.


A new design

Working with a talented team of designers, we’ve created a site that’s easy to use, contains all the important information and, if we say so ourselves, looks great! With a bank of high quality images and supporting information, we’ve been able to create a site that really highlights what we can do and the standard to which all of our work is carried out. We’ve also been working on our branding, creating an identity that’ll run throughout everything we do so that we’re instantly recognisable.


Easy to Navigate

With everything split into clearly defined sections, it’s now easier than ever to locate the information you need. We’ve dedicated an entire section to listing all of the products that we supply. We go into detail on how these products can assist everyday projects under our ‘Construction’, ‘Agricultural’ and ‘Security’ menus.


A friendly approach

At JP Concrete, we’re a really friendly team and we’ve tried to get that across in our new website. We’ve evaluated all of the content to make sure it shows how approachable and easy to work with we are.


Keeping you in the loop

The news feature on this new website will allow us to keep you up-to-date on developments within the company. We’ll be adding regular precast news articles covering hot industry topics and items we think you’ll find interesting. So make sure you come back every week to see what’s new. If there’s a relevant subject you’d like to see covered in our news section, we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us an email and we’ll get our writers onto it!


Constantly evolving

We’re really proud of the new site but as with anything in business (especially online), it’s always changing. If you have any feedback about how we can further improve our online presence, we’d love to hear from you.


Take a moment to have a look at the new site and get in touch directly or through our social media accounts: you’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So tweet, post and comment away – we love nothing better than connecting with our customers.