Need-to-know facts about concrete Allegro blocks

Whether you are building custom storage bays, partition walls, security blocks or retaining walls, concrete blocks offer a quick, easy and flexible solution. We have a wide variety of interlocking concrete blocks for sale to ensure that our customers are supplied with a suitable concrete block package at a competitive price and, most importantly, are completely satisfied with the finished result.

What are the benefits of concrete Allegro blocks?

Concrete blocks are an increasingly popular choice for a wide variety of jobs, as their countless benefits include durability and quick and easy installation. They are also incredibly simple to manoeuvre since two lifting anchors are cast into the top of each block; the two nipples on the tops of the blocks also allow you to interlock the blocks to create a solid formation. In addition, the blocks require no groundwork or fixing, saving both time and money in the process.

Concrete blocks are manufactured using freeze-thaw-resistant concrete, which can withstand harsh environments and heavy ongoing punishment, meaning you won’t have to rebuild the bays or block walls as the years roll on. Finally, this strong and adaptable building solution can also withstand the highest loads.

How are interlocking concrete blocks supplied?

The blocks can be supplied in a wide variety of sizes and weights depending on your needs. To give you an idea of our block sizes and weights, we offer the following dimensions as standard:  L1500mm x W600mm x H600mm weighing 1270kg and L1600mm x W800mm x H800m weighing 2450kg.

Half blocks are available in each of these sizes but if these measurements are unsuitable, we can also tailor the blocks to meet your specific requirements – just ask.

The concrete blocks are delivered either on a flatbed or craned vehicle with the latter option proving ideal for customers without access to lifting equipment – our specialist team can assist with offloading and placing the blocks for you.

If you require standard-sized interlocking blocks, it is most likely that we will also be able to offer next-day delivery since we always have significant quantities already in stock.

Do you offer installation assistance with concrete blocks?

We offer a full installation service with all of our products, including our Allegro blocks. Operating throughout the UK, our experienced team has worked on a large range of precast concrete projects and is 100% committed to high quality levels of health and safety, and to delivering a service that’s on time and within budget.

Our team is committed to incident- and injury-free working and are CPCS and CSCS qualified with CCNSG (Client Contractors National Safety Group) safety passports and, in most cases, NVQ qualifications.

How do I know if the concrete blocks are suitable for my requirements?

We work hard to ensure that each of our customers is only ever provided with the precast concrete product that’s most suitable for their project’s requirements.

Our dedicated and committed team are on hand to talk you through each and every step of the process and will assess your needs to determine whether a concrete block package is suitable.

Our team will also tailor the blocks to the specific sizes that you require, ensuring a personalised service from start to finish. If interlocking blocks aren’t the most appropriate concrete wall option for your situation, we also provide a wide range of other precast wall solutions including concrete barriers, concrete ballast blocks, concrete panels and more.

How much do concrete blocks cost?

As with all of our precast concrete products, we offer competitive packages on interlocking concrete blocks but, without specific requirements, it is difficult to answer the initial question of how much a wall built from concrete blocks would cost.

UK construction companies regularly deliver products without tailoring them to suit the customer’s needs, but we at JP Concrete make it our priority to cater to your requirements and tailor a personalised package to best suit your needs without breaking your budget.

For a free no-obligation quote, please call 0115 895 8525 and our friendly team will be able to offer advice and answer any of your questions; alternatively please visit our website for an accurate quote response within four hours.