Latest News In Construction Industry – The UK construction industry is booming

Recent reports have shown that the UK’s construction industry is currently enjoying a six-year high (Source: During October, the industry experienced its fastest growth rate since September 2007 which has surprised economists and delighted those in the industry. The increase has been seen across housing, commercial and civil engineering industries, which is great news considering that construction was one of the industries hit hardest by the recession.

When finances took a nose-dive, building projects were among the first things to be axed in a bid to save money. Therefore this increase is welcome news indeed, and joins several other encouraging reports of growth within our economy. At JP, we’ve certainly seen an increase in building developments, especially in the agricultural industry. Our precast concrete products have been extremely popular in creating new structures to increase the productivity of farms across the country.


Our precast concrete products

A product we have supplied a lot lately is the L-shaped precast retaining wall. These can be made to order and are ideal for creating sturdy and durable structures. They are available in four options:

  • Bolt down – perfect for fixing into an existing concrete slab, these are quick to install and extremely stable
  • Cast in – these can be incorporated into a new slab, creating a smooth join and no protruding toe
  • Heavy duty – designed to cope with excessive load situation, these are useful for projects that require a higher specification
  • Freestanding – ideal for creating dividers in storage bays, these are manufactured with recesses so that they are easy to move around using a forklift


We also supply precast concrete wall panels which can be installed horizontally between steel columns (but they can also be cast vertically into a concrete foundation slab). These panels can be manufactured to your requirements so just call us to find out more.

Our interlocking concrete blocks are great for building exactly the structure you need, brick-by-brick. We produce standard sized Lego blocks but we can also manufacture bespoke sizes if your project requires it. Lego blocks are popular because they are so quick and easy to install, as well as being easy to manoeuvre.

We can provide freestanding retaining walls if your project demands something a little more versatile. These walls are designed so that they can provide a robust wall simply relying on their own weight, but they can also be fixed down if required. Perfect for creating temporary divides, these freestanding walls are easy to move around by forklift if you need to increase or decrease a storage area.


Construction Projects

We’ve worked on a wide range of construction projects and have added plenty of images to our website that highlight what our products can achieve. Please head over there to take a look and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding your construction project. No matter how big or small, JP Concrete is your partner for getting that project done just right.