Did you know we offer a hire service on barriers & hoarding blocks?

If you’re in need of concrete barriers or hoarding blocks for a short term solution then why not look at our hire option? Our hire service is flexible and we can offload and collect items, so you don’t have to worry about collecting or returning them, wherever you are in the UK!


Concrete Barriers

Quick and Easy to Install – Barriers can be placed easily using a forklift, tele-handler or crane. Alternatively have us deliver, offload and place them for you with our crane or Moffett vehicle.

Painted to Suit Your Project – Have your barriers painted in a colour of your choice, in a solid or striped pattern. Alternatively we can paint barriers with warning signs, company branding or logos.

Range of Sizes Available – We offer a number of different size and weight options, with lengths from 1.5m to 3m. Fence panels are available on our 3m barriers.

Whether you are looking to protect a vacant site or manage the flow of pedestrians, we can provide concrete barriers for you.

• Temporary Roadblocks on Private Sites
• Site Traffic Demarcation
• Perimeter Fencing
• Site Security
• Pedestrian Management

Concrete Hoarding Blocks

Range of Sizes Available – We offer a number of different size options with heights up to 2m, lengths up to 3m and weights up to 5760kg.

Quick and Easy to Install – Blocks can be supplied with lifting loops which screw into the top of the block. Chains or straps can then be put through the loops and attached to either a forklift or tele-handler for placement.

Designed and Manufactured for Durability – Made using freeze-thaw resistant concrete and featuring chamfered edges for increased product lifespan.

What our Customers Say


“We’ve worked with JP Concrete on several occasions to provide concrete barriers to secure our customer sites. They were quick to both quote the job and get units to site after order. For their larger units they also offered assistance with installing the steel fixing bolts as well as delivery & offloading. The product quality has been excellent and the service efficient”

Aidan Cowell,
Marilena Property Solutions