The ins and outs of using concrete ballast blocks

Are you thinking about using concrete ballast blocks for your project? At JP Concrete, we work with construction projects day in and day out, so we’re here to help you choose the right products for your project – at the right price.

We’ve run down a list of the most common questions people ask when considering the use of ballast blocks in their project.


How much do concrete ballast blocks cost?

If you want to buy concrete ballast blocks in the UK, the cost will depend on the number of blocks you buy, their size and weight, and whether you need them to be delivered.

To get an accurate steer on how much concrete ballast blocks cost, you’ll usually need to get a quote. At JP Concrete, we’re happy to talk you through your project and give you a full quote with no obligation. So just give us a call on 0115 895 8525 to find out more.


What about concrete ballast block hire price?

This is many people’s next question: is it more cost effective to hire concrete ballast blocks instead of buying them? Usually, the answer is ‘yes’. If your project is running over a shorter period of time, it makes sense to hire your blocks and return them when you’re done.

Ballast block hire is available from us at JP Concrete, and it’s often the route that our customer take if they only need the blocks temporarily.

Our ballast block and kentledge block hire service offers the following benefits:


  • Easy installation – we’ll deliver your blocks on an appropriate vehicle so that we can offload and place the blocks on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to hire any special vehicles or forklifts. If you’d rather install the blocks yourself, we’ll supply them with lifting loops for easy manoeuvre.
  • Quick delivery – some of the fastest delivery options in the country! Because we have plenty of blocks in stock, JP Concrete can usually deliver your concrete ballast blocks within two to three days (sometimes even the very next day), meaning no long delays on your project. We can also pick up the blocks when your project’s finished.
  • Variety of weights and sizes -we’ve got a huge range of weights and sizes in stock, including marquee weights, kelley blocks and kentledge blocks to support your scaffolding.


Why should I use concrete ballast blocks?

There are many reasons why precast concrete is always the superior option but when we’re talking about ballast blocks, it mainly comes down to durability and and variety.

Precast concrete ballast blocks are manufactured from freeze-thaw-resistant concrete and are finished with chamfered edges to ensure they’re built to go the distance. And, with a range of weights and sizes on offer, we can always provide just the right product for your project. Our sizes run up to 5760kg and providing we have enough in stock, we can very often deliver the next day.


What about custom ballast blocks?

The beauty of precast manufacture is that we can generate the perfect product, every single time. Simply get in touch and tell us more about your project, and we can produce ballast blocks that are completely specific to your project. We can add cast-in holes, eye bolts, additional lifting points and Halfen channels to suit your project to a tee and save plenty of time during installation.

At JP Concrete, we pride ourselves on speedy delivery but, naturally, custom-made ballast blocks will take a little longer to produce and deliver. Simply give us a call with a bit more information and we’ll be able to give you a clearer idea on timings.


Find out more

If you want to know more about our concrete ballast blocks and kentledge blocks, click here and scroll down the page where you’ll find a contact form. Fill in your details and we’ll send you a Concrete Ballast and Kentledge Blocks Guide to help you weigh up the best choices for your project.

If you’re still not sure which route to take, give us a call on 0115 895 8525. Our dedicated team of precast concrete experts is ready and waiting to take your call, and will happily prepare a no-obligation quote for your project.

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