How To Design A Solid Flood Defence Wall

In our fair country, effective flood defence wall design is an absolutely necessity. A quick glance at the news over the past few years shows just how much work a flood defence wall has to do. And if it’s not done properly, it could spell disaster.

At JP Concrete, we’ve had plenty of experience in dealing with flood defence wall specification, so we’ve put together a list of handy tips on how to get it right.


Use the best materials

Traditional flood defence wall construction has always done its job to the best of its ability, but the designs weren’t always quite as watertight or durable as they needed to be. Using modern precast concrete products in a flood defence walls offers supreme, unbeatable durability.

Precast concrete is well known for being extremely robust and incredibly strong. And if you’re using our precast concrete panels for example, they’re manufactured with tongue-and-groove edges so that they interlock firmly to provide a watertight seal.

We have a variety of precast concrete products which can be used in flood defence wall design such as concrete Lego blocks, freestanding retaining walls, prestressed concrete panels, L-shaped retaining walls and vertical cantilever retaining wall panels. There’s a cost-effective product for every job, so call us to find out which is best for you.


Ensure stylish aesthetics

A well-designed flood defence system is going to be in place for many years, so it has to look good. Precast concrete is renowned for its smooth, pristine finish and because precast concrete products are manufactured under controlled factory conditions, you’re guaranteed a perfect finish on every single unit. Smooth, robust and cost-effective, precast concrete is a great choice for your flood defence scheme.


Keep costs down with fast installation

A long project incurs big overheads, so you need to make sure that your flood defence project runs to a tight schedule. Laying foundations can take time, time that costs a project a lot of money. And of course, when you’re working on an outdoor site, your project is vulnerable to our country’s changeable conditions, which can cause further delays.

When you use precast concrete products for flood defence, all the units are manufactured off site, to exacting factory standards. They’re delivered directly to your site and, built with a range of practical lifting options, they’re extremely easy to manoeuvre into place.

Even if you don’t have lifting equipment, JP Concrete can deliver your precast concrete products on an appropriate vehicle which will allow us to offload and place the concrete units for you. Using precast products means speedy installation, less manpower and fewer hours lost overall.


Use a design and installation service

If you don’t have the time or the necessary experience to work out a dependable flood defence specification, you can always outsource the project to take the weight off your shoulders. We have a team of expert structural engineers on staff who are fully trained and experience in flood defence wall design.

With specific experience in working with precast concrete products, our design and precast concrete installers can take the project on from start to finish. Wherever you are in the UK, we’ve got the perfect team for you.

All of our design and installation operatives are CPCS and CSCS qualified. Plus they hold CCNSG (Client Contractor National Safety Group) safety passports and many of them are NVQ qualified.

They are also fully EXORS and CHAS accredited and have been assigned Grade A Approved Contractor status by ISNetworld contractor supplier safety management systems.


Speak to the experts

If your flood defence design project could benefit from a bit of expert advice, give us a call today. If you’re pressed for time, we can supply a quote within two hours (during operating hours) and our ‘peace of mind’ guarantee means that, from the beginning of your project right through to the end, you can rest assured that you’re in great hands.

The friendly team at JP Concrete comprises decades of experience in creating successful flood defence schemes, so call us today on 0115 895 2267 for the best advice in the business.