How to design a fuss-free and low-cost storage bay


Designing and installing storage bays can be complicated. Which panels should you use? How much will the project cost? Should you install the units yourself or pay for professional installation? It can be difficult to know where to start. Also, if you’re looking to create a storage bay to retain hazardous materials, this can only complicate matters.

One of the most common enquiries we receive from our customers is how to design and install a storage bay. We’ve prepared this short guide to explain a bit more about how you should approach construction.

The number-one rule with storage bays is to always consider the importance of versatility. The concrete panels you will eventually be using will need to be the right height and also be designed to give the right amount of protection to the material you are looking to store, such as sand, gravel, salt, aggregate or potentially toxic materials.

This is also very important if you’re relying on your materials to generate an income, for example if you are storing grain or salt.

You also need to consider the ground conditions under the storage bay as well as whether you’re looking for a temporary or more permanent storage solution.

When our customers ask us which concrete products we believe are most effective for creating a storage bay, we tend to suggest the use of precast retaining wall systems which are comprised of multiple cast-in precast retaining walls.


Why should you use cast-in precast retaining walls to create a storage bay?

One of the main advantages of using cast-in precast retaining walls is that they are designed to fit neatly and tightly together which creates a watertight seal. This is especially useful if you’re looking to store effluent and aqueous materials safely and efficiently.

Each cast-in unit has also been designed without a protruding toe which can so often cause an obstruction to machinery, such as loading buckets.

Our precast retaining wall systems are suitable for large loads and have been engineered to withstand weight from both sides of the wall and you can drive machinery into the bay and deposit materials with ease.

Our precast retaining walls have been produced in a factory-controlled environment with covered reinforcements which means that the walls are suitable for very severe exposure, all year round.


How easy is installation?

One of the many draws of using precast cast-in retaining walls is that installation couldn’t be easier. The units are designed to slot together and require no existing framework to attach themselves to.

Once the units have been secured to the foundation, no additional fixing is required. This is particularly appealing if you’re looking to create a temporary storage solution and you want to keep installation time and costs down.

However, if you’d rather not install the walls yourself, we offer a bespoke installation service to our UK-based customers so just ask a member of our team about how that works.


How much does a cast-in retaining wall cost?

Our precast cast-in retaining wall blocks are designed in a range of specifications so it’s difficult to say exactly how much a retaining wall will cost. While the width of the walls is 1000mm, we supply the walls in a variety of different heights to suit your storage bay size and scale.

If you don’t need much height to your storage bay, we supply and manufacture cast-in-place retaining walls at a height of 1,000mm, 1,500mm and 1,750mm.

However, you’re looking for more height to your storage bay due to excessively high volumes of materials, we would recommend you choose our cast-in-place retaining walls measuring 2,000mm, 2,500mm, 3,200mm and 3,800mm.

To discuss your project or to receive a quote for your precast retaining walls, please contact a member of our team today.

Cast-in retaining walls are by far one of the most cost effective and easy-to-install solutions for storing a wide range of materials.

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team on 0115 822 0282 and find out how creating the right storage bay using cast-in retaining walls can keep your installation costs down and your profits high!