How cost effective are precast concrete panels?

If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable way of creating temporary or permanent structures, precast concrete panels are always the number-one choice.

Building costs can quickly escalate and most construction projects tend to have limited budgets. Concrete panels are easy to install which makes them an attractive investment for a building project. Installing the panels yourself makes construction an absolute breeze and also saves you money on excessive labour costs.

Available in a range of lengths, heights and thicknesses to meet your specific requirements, if you’re looking for concrete panels for retaining walls, our prestressed concrete products are built to last and have been produced in a factory-controlled environment for a superb finish.


What is included in the concrete panels cost?

All precast concrete panels for retaining walls come with galvanised steel fixing bolts and plates and the 150mm and 180mm panels also come with a durable and robust sealant.

All concrete panels are CE marked so you can be confident that they have been designed to meet with British Standards BS-8110. Also included in the precast concrete panels cost is an easy-to-install tongue and groove fitting on the top and bottom edges for a tight, reliable seal.


What is involved in precast concrete panels installation?

Installation of the panels couldn’t be easier. All prestressed concrete panels can be quickly and simply constructed to create a temporary or permanent building structure without having to worry about sourcing additional labour.

The panels can either be installed horizontally between steel columns or vertically by being cast into a concrete foundation slab. Either way, you can be sure that precast concrete panels installation is quick and simple.

Also, if you’re looking for extra help to manoeuvre the concrete panels, we can supply lifting shackles which will enable you to move the panels easily.


What sizes do precast concrete panels come in?

Here at JP Concrete, we know that each building project is unique. That’s why we design, manufacture and supply a range of concrete panels to a variety of specifications. The thickness of our concrete panels starts at 100mm. We tend to recommend these for livestock walling purposes.

The slightly thicker concrete panels measure 150mm in thickness and are often used as a retaining panel for grain storage. Our largest panels are 180mm thick and we usually recommend these for use when you have an excessive load or the height of the wall exceeds 4000mm.

We also offer a bespoke service for some customers who are looking for something more specific. We can manufacture the concrete panels up to 280mm thick if required.

We also offer a flexible choice for our customers to choose from when selecting the right length concrete panel for their building project. We can custom-manufacture concrete panels up to a maximum of 7000mm in length if required.

In terms of height, our standard panels come available in a range of three heights: 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

If you’re not such which size or thickness you need, we’re here to answer your questions.


How else can using concrete panels help you to save money?

Concrete panels can also be subject to tax relief if they are used for specific agricultural purposes. Of course tax laws can vary from project to project but the hard and fast rule is that concrete panels can be subject to tax relief if you can prove that you are using the concrete panels to create a structure which is entirely separate from a permanent structure.

If you can honestly and legitimately make the case, then your precast concrete panel cost could be reduced even further, making concrete panels an extremely cost-effective solution.

Contact us today to find out more about how your concrete panels cost can be kept to a minimum. With extensive experience and knowledge of a wide range of building projects, our team members can help to advise you on which sized concrete panels to choose as well as giving advice on installation.

If you’d like more information on claiming tax relief on concrete panels, or indeed you want to purchase precast concrete panels for retaining walls, our team at JP Concrete is on hand to help and can be contacted on 0115 895 9783.