Hiring or buying concrete barriers: the facts and figures

Concrete barriers are a simple solution to many logistical and security issues, such as finding ways to channel traffic at an event or stopping trespassing on private land. Here at JP Concrete, we have many years of experience and plenty of insider knowledge when it comes to concrete barriers: we offer these for sale and for hire and can adapt our flexible service to suit your needs.


Concrete barriers: to hire or to buy?

Our hire contracts are adapted to meet your needs. You can hire barriers from us for as little as one week, which is ideal for traffic control for a one-off event, or for up to a year if you need to restrict site access for a longer period of time. We offer our hire service throughout the UK, including in Scotland and Wales.

If yo’d like concrete barriers in place permanently, we recommend that you buy instead of hire. If you’re unsure which approach would be more cost-effective for your project, or for how long you’re going to need the barriers, get in touch with our team who will discuss your requirements with you and recommend the best way forward. Our service is intentionally flexible, as we know every project’s different.


What concrete barrier heights do you offer?

At JP Concrete, we can supply you with three different sizes of concrete barrier depending on your needs. The smallest we offer is 1500mm in length with a height of 780mm, and the medium-sized barrier is 2500mm long and 845mm high. The largest barrier that we can supply is the 3000mm, which is 1000mm high.

This barrier can be bolted together making them more resistant to impact. The advantage of our largest concrete barrier is that 2m-high fencing panels can be attached to the top of the barriers, providing an effective amount of extra security, keeping pedestrians and vehicles from accessing the site. Concrete barriers with fence functionality allow you to rest easy in the knowledge that your site is well protected.


Can concrete barriers be personalised?

Concrete barriers are brilliant places to advertise, as they are usually guaranteed a high level of passing traffic or pedestrians, especially when they are being used as part of traffic control at an event, or for work within an urban area.

We encourage our customers to use our branding service in order to make the most of this opportunity. We will happily display your logo, slogan or colours on the barriers before delivering them. Alternatively, some customers prefer to use the barriers to display warning signs, depending on what their purpose and location is.


How are concrete barriers delivered?

We can deliver concrete barriers directly to your site using either a forklift or a vehicle with a crane, depending on your requirements. Our drivers will happily install the concrete barriers in place for you, and if you want to rearrange or move them at a later date, they can be easily moved with a forklift truck.

We have a large supply of concrete barriers in stock, meaning we can easily meet the requirements of your project with waiting times kept to a minimum. If for any reason your project is urgent, let our friendly and experienced team know and we can deliver and install your barriers within 72 hours where possible.

If you’ve hired the barriers from us, as soon as you decide you no longer need them our drivers can come and pick them up within a matter of days. As long as our drivers can access the site no one even needs to be there when they come to take them away, making the whole process completely straightforward for you.

If you think that concrete barriers could be the solution to your traffic control needs or site access issues but are unsure where to start, please give us a ring on 0115 895 8675 to discuss your options.

The team at JP Concrete is experienced and knowledgeable and will go through the details of your project with you. They will establish what the barriers are going to be used for and how long you think that you are going to need them, and then make their professional recommendations with your best interests at heart.