Have Your Heard? Green Gas Industry Receives Vital Boost


Updates to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

With the Government reinstating higher rates for the RHI scheme recently, Anaerobic Digestion plant operators will now be able to claim a restored tariff of 5.6p per kWh of renewable heat generated for Tier 1 bio-methane (the first 40,000 MWh injected into the grid per year).

Once a plant is commissioned, plant operators will receive a guaranteed tariff level for twenty years.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion plants generate green gas by breaking down organic waste into carbon dioxide, methane and water. This mixture of gases is called biogas, while the water and material left over is known as digestate.

  • Biogas – can be burned to produce heat and electricity
  • Methane – can be used as fuel for vehicles or can be injected into the gas grid
  • Digestate – can be used as fertiliser, feedstock for ethanol production, or in some building materials.

If you think you might be interested in applying for this scheme, or would like more information, visit the ofgem website.

If you’re thinking of creating an Anaerobic Digestion plant, or looking to renew an existing one, then you might be interested in our products below. Our precast concrete retaining walls are designed for installing in agricultural applications like, silage clamps, slurry tanks and bund walling.


Agri Retaining Walls

Out range of agricultural specific retaining walls are available in three profiles; L, T & U. These units are the most advanced precast system used in silage clamps construction in the UK. Some key features of this precast system include:

  • Retaining Wall Heights of 1.2m to 4.2m
  • 90 Degree Corner Units for creating back walls
  • 15kN/m2 Surcharge Capacity
  • C60 Concrete Mix Strength
  • Precast Stair Piece For Creating Save Walkway


Precast U Wall Staircase Install

What Our Customers Say…

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