Find Out Why Our Precast Modular Retaining Walls Are Ideal For Creating Concrete Bund Walls

Concrete bund walls are used to create a secondary containment area where potentially polluting substances are stored in order to provide added protection against the risk of any unintended leakage.

Specifications for concrete bund walls are determined on a site-by-site basis and depend on the type of controlled substance being stored. This type of walling is often used around storage tanks or drum storage areas where flammable or toxic liquids are held.

One of the most important bund wall requirements is to make sure retaining walls are water tight in order to ensure any material that has escaped is contained within the controlled area.

In order for you to learn whether a concrete bund wall design is right for you, we have answered some FAQs below.


What Product is Best For Creating a Bund Wall Design?

We recommend using our precast modular retaining wall units when creating a concrete bund wall design.

Modular retaining units have a high quality finish and are very dense, making them less porous and therefore reducing the risk of material leaking outside the controlled area.

In order to further reduce the potential for leakage, we have worked with Sika in order to ensure the best sealant is used for this particular type of walling.


What Sizes Are Available?

Modular retaining wall panels are available in lengths of 1m, 2m and 4m.

When creating bund walling, we suggest using 4m panels. The extra panel length reduces the number of joints required when constructing the retaining wall, which in turn reduces the risk of leakage.

Our modular retaining wall panels are available in an extensive range of heights, from 500mm up to 6m, so you should have no problem finding a size that is right for your project.


How Are Precast Concrete Bund Walls Installed?

Our modular retaining wall units are quick to install, saving you time and money on labour costs.

Units are often bolted down to a concrete slab however, depending on the application and site ground conditions, units may not require fixing and can be installed directly onto a Type1 sub-base & sand/cement blinding layer.

We can deliver and the install retaining wall units for you or, if you prefer, you can install the panels yourself. Our specialist precast installation team, install all our precast concrete products and can also seal the joints between the precast elements.


How Soon Can Items Be Delivered?

Our modular retaining walls are often readily available, so we can get them to you relatively quickly. Exact lead times are dependent on the size and quantity of the panels you require. For a more accurate estimate, contact one of the team who will be happy to help.


How Much Do Concrete Bund Walls Cost?

The cost of precast bund walling again depends on the type of panels you order and the amount you need for your concrete bund wall design.

Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide more information on any of our products. We can also provide you with a quote within 4 hours – Give us a call on 01158 220 282.