Everything you need to know about concrete ballast blocks

Concrete ballast blocks are a popular choice for our customers because they are not only incredibly cost effective, concrete ballast blocks also come in a range of weights and sizes designed to weigh down the most comprehensive of structures, such as scaffolding, fencing and hoarding.

Often used for civil engineering, concrete ballast blocks perform extremely well in all weather conditions, including strong winds and gales, so you can be sure that your structure is perfectly stable throughout all four unpredictable British seasons.

Whether you’re using precast concrete ballast block weights or kentledge blocks for your building project, we can supply hardwearing, weather-resistant blocks that not only meet your specific weight requirements, but are also compatible for use with a wide range of existing machinery that you may have on site.

Quick to install and built to last, using concrete ballast block weights for your building project gives you peace of mind that the structure is securely weighed down and will stand the test of time.


How are concrete ballast blocks supplied?

We can supply the blocks to your site, delivering them on a craned or a flatbed vehicle at a convenient time for you. Each block comes with stainless steel fittings which have been manufactured to grade 316 so they can withstand harsh weather conditions, all year round.


How are concrete ballast blocks installed?

Installing concrete ballast blocks is very straightforward. Here at JP Concrete, we manufacture and supply blocks which can be customised to suit any fixing method. Whether you prefer concrete ballast blocks with cast-in holes, eye bolts or additional lifting points, our blocks are completely adaptable and we will supply them so that they are entirely fit for purpose. Talk to us if you’re not sure what you need.


What sizes do concrete ballast blocks come in?

In terms of concrete ballast blocks dimensions, we have a selection of heights, widths, weights and lengths to choose from. Our standard blocks weigh either 500kg, 1000kg, 2400kg, 2500kg and 5760kg, so you can decide which weight is most suitable for your building project.

Obviously the heavier the weight, the more security the concrete ballast blocks will provide, so it’s wise to know what the options are before you make a purchase. Smaller structures may only require the lighter weight blocks, so installing extra large blocks may not be necessary. Similarly, larger-scale projects will require an extra-heavy weight to ensure that the structure is totally secure.

Height-wise, there are many options available. Our concrete ballast blocks start at 650mm in height and go all the way up to 2000mm in height for larger projects.

You can also select from a range of widths and lengths when selecting concrete ballast blocks. Widths start at 450mm through to 2000mm and lengths begin at 800mm and go up to 3000mm. There are many choices available when selecting the right concrete ballast blocks dimensions so if you are in any doubt, just ask a member of our experienced team for their advice and help.


Do you offer installation services for concrete ballast blocks?

Yes. Our design and installation service is available to all of our customers. Our team of structural engineers is on hand to provide you with a full design service. They have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, with particular expertise in precast and prestressed concrete construction.

Our installation team will be happy to install your concrete ballast blocks for you. Their experience installing concrete products ranges in size and scope, from small, straightforward installations through to complex, comprehensive building projects.

If you need to install concrete ballast blocks but are not entirely confident in how to install them, or if you are short on time, our design and installation service is the perfect solution.

Our friendly and helpful sales team will talk you through the options and advise you accordingly. They will also be able to give you a full quotation for the cost of the concrete ballast blocks, as well as the design and installation service if required.

Give us a call today on 0115 895 9783 to discuss how you can use concrete ballast blocks to give your building project that extra bit of stability that you can truly rely on.