Effective Ways of Using Security Barriers

If you are looking for ways to secure a site, either on a permanent or temporary basis, concrete security barriers are an excellent solution. Here at JP Concrete, we supply security barriers to customers across the UK, including London, Scotland and Wales.


Barrier Applications

Security barriers can be an effective solution for protecting unmanned sites from unwanted visitors. We have recently completed some work with a council authority who were looking to protect a number of sites from having unauthorised visitors accessing the sites. We were commissioned to deliver a number of security barriers which we then installed once the unauthorised visitors were removed from the site.

Concrete security barriers can also be a great way to create temporary roadblocks. You may have an event which requires road closures. Perhaps you are carrying out some maintenance work to a road which traffic must be blocked from using. Maybe you want to channel traffic to a particular area to prevent vehicles from accessing a particular road. Security barriers for temporary roadblocks are a great way of achieving this.

Another popular use for security barriers is to prevent fly-tipping. If you own some land or a site which is easily accessible by unwanted visitors, then you are at risk of having illegal dumping of waste on your site. Unwanted waste such as rubbish, gas bottles and fridges are common items which are dumped on accessible sites on a regular basis. If you want to avoid this then installing a security barrier is an effective solution.  You can limit access to your site by installing a barrier, so vehicles will not be able to enter the site or dispose of their rubbish.

These are just some of the effective solutions that security barriers can provide. Generally speaking, if you are looking to secure a site or a road in any way, then precast concrete security barriers are an ideal solution.


Concrete Barrier Range

We provide security barriers in three different lengths (1500mm, 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm) so you can choose the right length for your site. The 3000mm barriers can also be bolted together, giving you additional security. If you need extra height on your barriers, we can also supply fencing which can be attached to the barriers.

If you need additional manoeuvrability, we can manufacture the barriers with precast grooves so that when you install the barriers with a forklift, then the process is made much easier. Using our craned vehicle, we can deliver the barriers to your site at a time convenient to you. Once we have arrived on site, we can also install the barriers for you.

If you would like to add some branding to the security barriers then we can paint them for you. You may want to draw additional attention to the barriers to ensure that they are highly visible, especially during the evenings.

Some of our customers like to add their logo to their security barriers. This is a great way of drawing attention to your brand and business and it is bound to be seen by passing traffic and pedestrians.


Concrete Barrier Hire

We recognise that the very nature of security barriers is that they are often only required on a temporary basis. You may have an event running for a week and you only need to close off roads for a set period of time. Perhaps you only need to secure a site from unwanted visitors for a few weeks or months. Whatever your situation, we provide extremely flexible hire contracts which range from one week to one year. Please note that the one week contract is subject to a minimum hire charge.

We can deliver temporary security barriers to your site at a time convenient to you and you can use them for as long as you have agreed with us. Once you have finished using the security barriers, you just need to contact us and we will collect the barriers. We also do not require a member of your staff to be on site when we pick up the barriers, so you do not need to arrange for staff cover.


If you would like to find out more about security barriers, or discuss the possibility of hiring these out on a temporary basis, the team at JP Concrete would be happy to answer any questions you may have.