Discover Why Ballast Blocks Are One of Our Most Popular Products

Precast concrete ballast and kentledge blocks are one of our most popular products. Reliable, durable and long-lasting, they offer a wide variety of uses.

Ballast blocks can act as counterweights for fencing, hoarding and scaffolding where no ground work is required, or can be used to ensure a temporary structure is kept secure and weighed down.


What Are the Benefits of Using Precast Ballast and Kentledge Blocks?

Our blocks are made from freeze-thaw resistant concrete and feature chamfered edges to ensure a long life span, so you can be sure blocks will last the duration of your project and beyond.

To ensure quick and easy installation our kentledge and ballast blocks can be customised to suit your preferred fixing method including cast-in holes, additional lifting points, eye-bolts and HALFEN channels.


Are Ballast and Kentledge Blocks Available for Hire?

Yes, we supply ballast and kentledge blocks for hire, as well as purchase. If you have a temporary project you need blocks for our hire option is perfect. We can deliver blocks to you on site and collect them once you no longer need them.


How Much Do Concrete Ballast and Kentledge Blocks Cost?

Prices of ballast and kentledge blocks vary, depending on the size of blocks and quantity ordered, and whether you are looking to purchase or hire. Once we know the details of your order we can provide you with a free quote.


How Long Does It Take for Items to Be Delivered?

We have standard sizes and weights that are often in stock so can get blocks delivered to you quickly (Our standard delivery time is 2-3 days but we are sometimes able to deliver these units the very next day).

For further information, advice, or a free quote call us on 01158 220 282 and one of the team will be happy to discuss your project requirements.