Discover how we saved McDermott Homes time and money on a recent housing development project

We all know March presented us with some pretty challenging weather and although it may not have been the smoothest month, we were still able to complete a project for independent housing developers McDermott Homes, on-time and in-budget.


Typical section detail of a retaining wall

Initial drawing showing section of retaining wall required


The new housing development is made up of a collection of 4 and 5 bedroom executive homes and is situated in Rawtenstall, a town at the centre of the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire.

A retaining wall was needed on one side of the site to level the ground and make the ground more usable and great gardens for six of the new properties.

Heavy snowfall led to a delayed start to the project and it didn’t stop there. Once the snow started to thaw snow-melt and rain turned the soil into sludge making conditions all the more difficult.

Eventually, we were able to begin excavating the ground in order to carry out bulk earthworks and lay the foundations. Due to the development site being on a hill, a shear key was installed to generate additional resistance to sliding.

Once the groundwork was carried out, we were able to install 55 metres of precast modular retaining wall units in heights ranging from 1.5m to 3m.


Oaklands Drive Retaining Wall Installation Location

The existing ground before construction, ground levels needed to be raised by up to 3m.


Benefits of Modular Retaining Walls

  • Quick and Easy to Install – All of our precast products are made with the user in mind, and the majority are quick and easy to install. We do, however, offer a full installation service using our specialised installation team, should you require items to be installed.
  • Suitable for Surcharge Loads – Retaining wall units are suitable for large loads and surcharges, making them a great option for earth retention.
  • Built to Last – Precast concrete units are produced in a factory-controlled environment and are manufactured using a concrete mix grade of C60/C75. Standard design life is 50 years, with 30mm cover to reinforcement.

On-Time, In Budget

Despite encountering certain challenges we were able to complete the project on-time and in-budget. We were also able to offer the client a comparable price and a quicker turnaround compared to an in situ concrete design.

In addition to this, we were able to achieve optimum space against neighbouring boundaries to provide maximum garden space behind each house. Overall the project was a success and McDermott Homes were very happy with the end result.


Here’s what they to say…

“JP Concrete were very flexible, listening closely to what we wanted, which was not to over-complicate matters at a steep development, which already has its challenges. Access restrictions didn’t faze them at all. The new precast retaining walls flew in, ten days construction instead of five weeks has been a big benefit to us.”

Mark Cutler, Commercial Director
McDermott Homes


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