Discover Our Range of Retaining Walls For Creating Bulk Storage Bays

Whether you are looking for a waste management solution or a temporary storage facility, we have a number of precast products available.

Creating a storage bay that is versatile is important in order to ensure you get maximum use and capacity out of your design. Storage bays can be used for storing bulk materials such as sand, gravel, compost, wood, metal and plastics.

We offer a range of products which are suitable for creating quality storage bays. Our precast concrete products are designed with quick installation in mind, whilst still benefitting from the strength and finish of top-quality concrete used to manufacture all our products.

If you are unsure which product is best for your project, give us a call and speak to one of our experts.

Freestanding Retaining Walls


Freestanding Retaining Wall Storage Bays


• Quick and Easy to Install
• Variety of Heights Available
• Prestressed for Increased Strength
• No Fixing Required

Interlocking Concrete Blocks


Interlocking Concrete Blocks Aggregate Storage Bays


• Quick and Easy to Install
• Easy to Move and Adjust Storage Capacity
• Various Sizes Available
• No Fixing Required

Concrete Panels


Horizontal Prestressed Concrete Panels


• Prestressed for Increased Strength
• Quick and Easy to Install
• Bespoke Sizes Available
• Permanent Structure with Higher Load Capacity

Cast In Retaining Wall


Cast In Retaining Wall Storage Bay


  • Easy Access
  • Suitable for Large Loads
  • Produced in a Factory Controlled Environment
  • Able to Withstand Severe Exposure


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