Creating agricultural buildings that are built to last – A brief Guide

Our customers regularly ask us about how they can construct a livestock building using concrete, or create structurally sound divisions within an existing farm building to increase its practicality.

We stock a wide range of concrete products for agricultural applications, but our prestressed concrete panels are by far the most commonly used for agricultural buildings.

As there are so many ways in which prestressed concrete panels can be used in a farm livestock building, we’ve put together a list of questions and answers we are often asked by our customers.


What are the benefits of prestressed concrete panels?

Whether you need to create an agricultural livestock building or simply create divisions within your existing unit, prestressed concrete panels are by far the most flexible solution.

They’re extremely adaptable and you can quickly and simply construct robust walls to fit your building project. Our panels have been built to last, produced in a factory-controlled environment so you can be sure that each and every panel is up to the job.


Can prestressed concrete panels be used as a temporary solution?

Yes. Another good reason to use prestressed concrete panels in your livestock building is that you can always remove them at a later date if you wish, making them a flexible and adaptable investment. You can store them away or reuse them elsewhere, meaning great value for money.


What sizes do the prestressed concrete panels come in?

Our prestressed concrete panels come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and heights, so chances are we’ve got the perfect dimensions for your project.

For livestock walling, we recommend that you go for a non-retaining panel which is 100mm thick. For grain, silage, or earth storage, we suggest that you choose our 150mm panel.

For excessive loads where the height of the wall exceeds 4000mm, we would always recommend that you choose our thickest concrete panel, measuring at 180mm.

However, naturally each farm livestock building project is unique so give us a call if you want to talk it through. With a bit of information, we can make tailored recommendations.

In terms of length, our panels can be custom manufactured up to a maximum of 6500mm.

Our concrete panels come in a range of four standard heights: 500mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm, but we can custom-make these to any specification to suit your requirements.


How are the concrete panels installed?

Each of our panels features tongue-and-groove fittings at the top and bottom edges so they can be easily aligned and sealed upon installation. And the seal can easily be made watertight.

The panels can be installed horizontally between steel columns or used vertically by being installed into a concrete foundation, meaning there is no need for steel supports. We also supply galvanised steel fixing bolts and plates with our panels as well as lifting shackles to move the concrete panels if required.

Precast concrete panels are so easy to install, and that’s why agricultural customers tend to choose them over traditional concrete products.


Does JP Concrete offer an installation service?

We certainly do. Our full design and installation service is available to any customer based in the UK and, once we have discussed your project with you, we can instruct our experienced installation team to get to work straight away.

We offer this start-to-finish service at competitive, and our team is filled with experienced, qualified professionals who take pride in a job well done. So let them take the pressure off you!

For flexible and adaptable livestock and farm building projects, prestressed concrete panels are a cost-effective investment whether you’re planning a temporary building solution or a more permanent structure for your livestock building.


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