How to create a durable bulk storage building

Many farmers and landowners are faced with the challenge of how to manage storage effectively on site. They may also be particularly concerned about managing storage during the winter months as the cold and wet weather can make storing certain materials in the right conditions even more difficult.

For example, if you’re looking to store materials such as grain or salt, ensuring that these materials are protected from rainfall is absolutely crucial. 

Creating the right bulk storage container needs careful planning. Before we explain why we believe using concrete to create a storage unit is the best option, let’s look a little closer at how bulk storage containers or bulk storage buildings can make a big impact.


What are bulk storage containers?

Bulk storage containers or bulk storage buildings are used to store waste, recycling, sand, salt/grit, grain and other materials.

Since some of these materials can be adversely affected by weather conditions, keeping them at the right temperature and away from excess moisture is vital, particularly to farm owners who depend on these materials to provide an income generation.


How can concrete be used for bulk storage?

If you have a large volume of materials to store, we would always recommend that you create a bulk storage building using durable and hardwearing precast concrete, particularly freestanding units, lego blocks and concrete panels.

 If you’re looking to create a bulk storage unit, the first thing you’ll probably be looking for is versatility. The size of your storage unit will dictate which concrete products you should be using and you’ll need to consider height, budget, which materials are to be stored and what the ground conditions are like.

Here at JP Concrete, all of our concrete products come in a range of different sizes and specifications, which allows you to create easily adjustable storage bays.

The most popular concrete products used for bulk storage tend to be prestressed concrete panels, freestanding retaining walls and precast retaining walls. Let’s look at each one in more detail.


Prestressed concrete panels

The main reason why you should choose prestressed concrete panels for your bulk storage project is because they offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of size and specification.

You can use prestressed concrete panels for bulk storage whether you’re looking to create a temporary storage solution or a more permanent bulk storage building.

With panel lengths going up 6500mm and each panel being fitted with a tongue and groove mechanism for easy alignment, prestressed concrete panels are cost effective and easy to install.

You can also choose from a range of widths and heights and we also offer a more bespoke service if you’re looking to have panels made to particular dimensions.


Precast retaining walls

In addition to using prestressed concrete panels for bulk storage containers, you can also use L-shape precast retaining wall units. These vary from 1000mm up to 3800mm in height and can also be supplied with a 90-degree corner unit if required.

L-shape retaining walls allow you to easily create a bulk storage container simply by casting the walls into a concrete floor slab, or by being bolted to an existing concrete base.


Freestanding retaining walls

If you’re looking to create temporary or permanent dividing walls within your bulk storage container, freestanding retaining walls are a great solution which require very little installation upheaval. With absolutely no foundation required, freestanding retaining walls can be easily installed and fixed down for an extra robust finish if required.

Creating bulk storage buildings or containers using concrete products is a cost-effective solution that offers plenty of versatility and choice. Whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary storage, using concrete ensures that your bulk storage container is secure and robust.


If you’re looking to create a bulk storage container and you’re not quite sure where to start, contact our team at JP Concrete for advice.

Our team members are experienced in helping customers to design efficient and durable storage solutions of all shapes and sizes and would be happy to help guide you on choosing the right concrete products for your storage requirements.

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