How To Create A Cost-Effective Retaining Wall That’s Long-Lasting

We receive regular enquiries regarding king post wall design and construction methods, so thought it would be a good idea to put together some information for those interested in this particularly versatile design.

King post walls offer a number of benefits including quick installation, easy alignment of panels and long-lasting finish. Our prestressed concrete panels are the ideal product for creating king post walls which can be used for a variety of purposes.


What Is a King Post Retaining Wall?

A king post wall is a retaining wall which is made up of steel columns or beams that are installed along the length of the proposed wall. Prestressed concrete panels are then inserted between the beams, creating a robust retaining wall that can be used for a range of structures.


What Can King Post Walls Be Used for?

King post walls benefit from a versatile design. While they are often used as retaining walls, they can also be used for the construction of silage clamps, storage spaces and grain stores.


What Are the Advantages of Installing a King Post Wall?

There are many benefits to installing a king post wall. This type of retaining wall is easy and fast to construct, as well as affordable.

Our prestressed panels, which are used in the construction of king post walls, come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, allowing for increased flexibility when it comes to the design of your retaining wall.

The standard design life of a prestressed concrete panel is 50 years, however we can increase the cover to reinforcement to achieve 100 year design life.

What Sizes Do Prestressed Concrete Panels Come In?

We have a range of sizes and thicknesses available so you can choose the most appropriate panel size for your building project.

Our panels start at 100mm and go up to 180mm in thickness, however we can also supply and design thicker panels up to 280mm if required – just ask. The panels also come in a variety of height options: 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m.

For more information on our concrete panels click here.


How Are King Post Retaining Walls Installed?

There are two ways to create the foundations for king post walls. Posts can be inserted into a large concrete foundation or, if you have limited space, holes can be created using an auger where the steel is then dropped in and wet concrete is poured on top.

The concrete panels are then lifted into place between the king posts using a tele-handler. We can offer a full supply and install service for king post retaining walls, if required.

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