Why precast is perfect for housing livestock

Can you create a building suitable for livestock using precast products?

Yes! And you should!

Here’s how:

Precast concrete and the agricultural sector

Precast products have been a staple of the agricultural sector for decades. We’ve been providing for agriculture for a very long time, so we’re confident we’ve got the products, the expertise, and the industry know-how you’ll need.

Our prestressed concrete panels are cost-effective, versatile, durable, and very quick to install. Livestock buildings provided by us will stand the test of time without costing you the earth.


Case Study: Livestock Building

Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at this brilliant livestock building we built.

Prestressed Panels in Livestock Buildings


On this project, we inserted prestressed concrete panels inside the web of the steel columns to maximise floor space within the steel-framed building. The result is a robust structure that can withstand whatever your livestock can throw at it for years to come!


Why use precast concrete panels?

For these kind of buildings, we always advise using prestressed concrete panels. They are:

– Very quick to install
– High quality
– Cost-effective
– Available in various sizes (including custom lengths, heights, and thicknesses)
– Extremely durable


What else can you use precast concrete panels for?

In addition to livestock buildings, prestressed panels are also ideal for constructing:

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